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Right now, Icelandic wonderers Sigur Rós are still in the midst of their Valtari Mystery Film Experiment, their effort to commission art-film accompaniments for all the songs from their new album.…   Read Story »
Listening to Sigur Rós can feel a lot like you're living inside that scene from American Beauty with the plastic bag flying around in the wind ("Sometimes there's so much beauty in this world..."),…   Read Story »
The latest in Sigur Rós's ongoing video series is a clip for Valtari standout "Rembihnútur," a visual that fixates on the faces of people, eyes closed, focusing on their inner moments. It ends in a…   Read Story »
BLOG GAME MARIO CHALMERS filling in for Tom this week, who had a kid or something (it's hard to know since Tom's baby boy -- congrats Tom! -- hasn't showed up on any releases yet). So, let's do this…   Read Story »
Shia LaBeouf's dong is probably not the first thing you'd expect to see in a Sigur Rós video, but it is indeed one of the first things that appears onscreen in the new video for the meditative…   Read Story »
Here's the second installment of Sigur Rós's ongoing Valtari video series and this clip's a little more straightforward than the last. It's a slowly shifting depiction of a craggy landscape directed…   Read Story »
Sigur Rós's video for the understated, Valtari-kicking-off Ég Anda is, err, a strange look, as it's very much a step-by-step visual manual on how to prevent someone from choking. But, it does have…   Read Story »
We've already heard a gang of songs from Valtari, the much-anticipated new album from Icelandic swoon-rock architects Sigur Rós. And right now, at this exact moment, the thing is streaming at the…   Read Story »
The new Sigur Rós album Valtari is imminent, and we've already heard the early tracks "Ekki Múkk," "Kvistur," and "Varúð." Last night, another new song called "Dauðalogn" debuted on the season…   Read Story »
A few weeks ago, we sized up Sigur Rós' forthcoming Valtari, a pretty, understated affair harboring a keen focus on detail. Only lead single "Ekki Múkk" (as well as B-side "Kvistur") have made the…   Read Story »