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Ever since I was old enough to complain, my dad took great pleasure in the act of dragging my always-resistant ass to music festivals. A summer full of glorious music for him meant a summer full of…   Read Story »
British dance duo Simian Mobile Disco released their Unpatterns album earlier this year, and this fall they'll follow it up with A Form Of Change, an EP with four tracks culled from the Unpatterns…   Read Story »
The rumored Coachella cruise is on, scheduled for two voyages -- a three-day trip aboard the Celebrity Silhouette to the Bahamas and a four-day trip to Jamaica (both cruises will leave from Fort…   Read Story »
Simian Mobile Disco's new video for "Your Love Ain't Fair" is in the same aesthetic territory as their clip for "Seraphim," but this clip is more fixated on pulsating lights, lights that are…   Read Story »
Name: Simian Mobile Disco Progress Report: James Ford and Jas Shaw talk about the making of Unpatterns and the complexities of touring as an electronic act. Simian Mobile Disco are currently…   Read Story »
This week, British dance duo Simian Mobile Disco return with their new album Unpatterns. Years removed from the blog-house zeitgeist that birthed them, SMD are now all-in on near-minimal instrumental…   Read Story »
Simian Mobile Disco's newest video for "Put Your Hands Together" -- we already saw the clip for "Seraphim" -- is a mesmerizing clip for the geometrically inclined, or maybe just the stoned. Hans Lo…   Read Story »
Characters get locked into their compulsive behaviors in the new clip for British dance duo Simian Mobile Disco's "Seraphim," a cut from their forthcoming Unpatterns. Watch the video below, and while…   Read Story »
The video I keep thinking about this week isn't one of the ones on this list; it's "Ill Manors," from the British rapper Plan B, and it's almost a month old at this point. The clip includes images…   Read Story »
Last month, we posted "Fourteenth Principles," an early and introductory track from Unpatterns, the new album from British dance duo Simian Mobile Disco. And now the jerky midtempo jam "Seraphim,"…   Read Story »