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Simian Mobile Disco's second album Temporary Pleasure includes guest spots from Beth Ditto, Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor, Gruff Rhys, Telepathe, and others. One of these others, Yeasayer's Chris Keating,…   Read Story »
When you go to see Simian Mobile Disco live, make sure you are seeing the "proper set" as opposed to the DJ set. You'll likely get SMD tunes either way, but only one comes with a massive light rig…   Read Story »
Before we kick off the bulk of this week's CMJ coverage, we're gonna look all the way back to last week's Iceland Airwaves Festival. Stereogum sent photog Abbey Braden overseas to take it all in.…   Read Story »
The people of Austin are nice enough to welcome thousands (and thousands) of vagabond music fans into their city for a few days each year, so we decided to pay their stomping ground homage with a…   Read Story »
Welcome to our night one photo spread. Every year we forget that we can't be in every place at once ... until we wind up waiting in line for two hours. But at least for last night, the lines were so…   Read Story »
You don't need us to tell you that if you want to see R.E.M. tonight you should have started lining up at Stubb's two days ago. Also you know how big these SXSW crowds are getting every year. The…   Read Story »
You likely remember Simian Mobile Disco's video for Attack Decay Sustain Release standout "Hustler." You know, that game of telephone transformed into an all-girl make-out session, complete with some…   Read Story »
While we were watching Voxtrot stretch into the wee at Bowery, Abbey Braden (who's back and snapping shots to help us rove as many day parties, showcases, and afterparties as possible) made her way…   Read Story »
We offered propers to Celebration for their big step-up album The Modern Tribe, so named for Katrina's deep love for friends and musical collaborators. The afrobeat stomp/wicked chanting of "Hands Of…   Read Story »
Last we checked in with Celebration was on the rainy, TV On The Radio McCarren Pool Sunday, when Katrina came out, matching Tunde hop for reverse-punching-bag-windmill and belting on "Wolf Like Me."…   Read Story »