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Right now, our busiest comments section is a heated debate over whether a white lady is racist for dancing with black men in her music video and then being defensive about it. That is how indie rock,…   Read Story »
Yesterday, Sky Ferreira shared a very strange Grant Singer-directed video for her wounded anthem "I Blame Myself." Ferreira plays a drug kingpin in the video, and other than the police who arrest…   Read Story »
Sky Ferreira's searing, wounded synthpop anthem "I Blame Myself" was arguably the best song on her great debut album Night Time, My Time, and some of us have been wondering for months why it wasn't a…   Read Story »
Sky Ferreira's sublime Night Time, My Time came out last fall, but lately Ferreira's promotional push has been getting a second wind. She hit The Tonight Show last week, and now she's recorded a BBC…   Read Story »
Sky Ferreira made her late night television debut on Late Night early last year, and last night she visited Jimmy Fallon's new home at The Tonight Show a more self-assured and dynamic performer.…   Read Story »
"You're Not The One" is the most straight-forward pop song on Sky Ferreira's stunning and oftentimes dark debut album Night Time, My Time and it's really the only song that has any potential for…   Read Story »
Shakira first entered my consciousness around the turn of the millennium courtesy of my high school Spanish teacher, a friendly young white American woman married to a man from Colombia. She and her…   Read Story »
Cid Rim has been putting out an wealth of great releases via the label LuckyMe (most recently Jacques Greene's "No Excuse"), and now he's provided this jerky, agitated remix of Sky Ferreira's…   Read Story »
People talk a lot of shit about Sky Ferreira online. If you want examples, you won't have to look far; just check the comments on our posts about when she revealed her topless Night Time, My Time…   Read Story »
Sky Ferreira's Night Time, My Time was one of our favorite albums of last year, so it's pretty exciting to find a new track by her today. Thing is though, it's actually an old track, and one that…   Read Story »