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Australian band Slug Guts make an ungodly howling, clattering, pounding postpunk racket, something you already know if you downloaded their "Adult Living" mp3. They also look fucking badass,…   Read Story »
Next month, the Australian post-punk crew Slug Guts will release Playin' In Time With The Deadbeat, their third album. "Adult Living" is a deranged, misanthropic racket of withering howls and…   Read Story »
Here lies our documentation of Thursday in Austin. For more, check our list of 32 Must See Bands this week, and our coverage from Wednesday. (That's Zola Jesus above, by Ryan Muir.) Click on:…   Read Story »
Brisbane's Slug Guts sound Australian: The swaggering punk-noir crew, often linked to fellow travelers Circle Pit and Naked On The Vague, nail a familiar post-Birthday Party rock 'n' roll twang and…   Read Story »
We'll be in Austin in a couple weeks. Nobody likes a lazy non-contributor, so we've teamed up with one of our favorite labels Sacred Bones and one of Austin's greatest institutions Chaos In Tejas to…   Read Story »