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Later this month Speedy Ortiz guitarist Matt Robidoux will release a new EP from Pony Bones, his warmly lo-fi project with drummer Kate Hanlon. We already heard the first single off PONY BONES II,…   Read Story »
Knowing your audience is an underrated skill, but it's a skill that Boston DIY punks Speedy Ortiz seem to have down pat. During a recent UK visit, the band sat down to record an acoustic in-studio…   Read Story »
While we all enjoyed watching Speedy Ortiz rise and rise in popularity last year, it's worth remembering that they are just one project from a prolific group of musicians. Pony Bones is a duo…   Read Story »
One of the many Record Store Day exclusives coming to your local brick-and-mortar shop on 4/19 is Faux Real, a compilation of "faux songs by real bands" featuring Northeast indie titans Potty Mouth,…   Read Story »
Kids interviewing bands is a weird thing. There are a few obvious advantages. For instance: I can't imagine why I, a professional music critic, have never asked a musician, during an interview,…   Read Story »
Last year, the Boston band Speedy Ortiz debuted with Major Arcana, an album that boasted some pointedly precise lyrics and a beautifully honed jagged '90s-indie sensibility. It's one of those albums…   Read Story »
Yesterday we launched our new Week In Pop column, so it's fittingly (if unintentionally) ironic that our list of the week's five best songs is, for once, basically devoid of "pop music." In fact,…   Read Story »
One of the great pleasures of my December was watching Western Mass alt-rock powerhouse Speedy Ortiz, between Breeders tour dates, headline a tiny Columbus coffee shop/bar hybrid alongside fellow…   Read Story »
Capping off the year in which her band broke the fuck out, Speedy Ortiz frontwoman Sadie Dupuis posted a new solo lo-fi demo a couple of days ago. The song, "X Actually," is two minutes of insular…   Read Story »
Yesterday we started announcing the winners of our annual Gummy Awards -- Stereogum & Videogum's annual readers' poll -- with your Top 50 Albums Of 2013. And today, we move on to the category of Best…   Read Story »