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We've been anticipating a new album from Spoon this year, and today they seem to have given us our first precious snippet of music from that project. A lo-fi video called "Hi" uploaded to Spoon's…   Read Story »
In 1997, the plucky young Austin indie band Spoon, fresh off the release of its EP Soft Effects, took a trip to Houston to play on the lawn at Rice University. The same day, they recorded a session…   Read Story »
For its monthly theme song, the teenage-girl-targeted supersite Rookie recruited Spoon/Divine Fits singer Britt Daniel to cover one of a handful of songs by early '60s female teen idols. Daniel…   Read Story »
We're almost (almost!) done reflecting on the year that was, so it's time to start taking a closer look at the year that will be. For the past several years, we've ranked our most anticipated albums.…   Read Story »
Emerging inauspiciously in 1993 with a raw, post-Pixies sound before plotting one of the most distinctively creative courses in indie rock, Spoon has made a career of ignoring rules and trends,…   Read Story »
Spoon had been around nearly a decade before they released Kill The Moonlight, and they'd been places. They'd gone from indie label to major, then to major label purgatory, and then back to the…   Read Story »
We've already heard a bunch of news about Divine Fits, the new group that Spoon frontman Britt Daniel has formed alongside Wolf Parade/Handsome Furs co-leader Dan Boeckner and the New Bomb Turks' Sam…   Read Story »
A couple weeks ago, we witnessed that Spoon's Britt Daniel, the Handsome Furs' Dan Boeckner and New Bomb Turks drummer Sam Brown would be teaming up to release an album on Merge later this year as…   Read Story »
Four days ago, Handsome Furs announced their breakup. But Dan Boeckner, the Wolf Parade co-leader who made up half of that duo, didn't take too long to get a new project going. Boeckner is now one of…   Read Story »
Spoon's latest video is a live take of Transference closer "Nobody Gets Me But You," filmed at New York's Cake Shop. It's shot surveillance-style, since most people inside Cake Shop have to watch…   Read Story »