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The Australian duo Standish/Carlyon, a spaced-out dub-pop project from two members of the band Devastations, is getting ready to release the debut album Deleted Scenes, and we've already posted the…   Read Story »
Aussie duo Standish/Carlyon follow-up "Nono/Yoyo" with the looming "Gucci Mountain." It's a crawling slow jam with building synths and wobbly falsetto -- perfect for prom on the moon. Check it out…   Read Story »
Back in February, we posted "Nono/Yoyo," the debut single from Standish/Carlyon, a hazy flutter-pop project from two members of the Australian band Devastations. Today, we get the song's Aurora…   Read Story »
Conrad Standish and Tom Carlyon are two members of the Australian rock band Devastations, and now they've got a new project called Standish/Carlyon, which leans toward slow and heavy atmospheric…   Read Story »