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UK indie-pop duo Summer Camp serve equal parts angst and charm in their original score to director Charlie Lyne's new documentary Beyond Clueless. The film explores the essence of the "teen movie," a…   Read Story »
Summer Camp are a cheery indie-pop duo from Britain who have a habit of making incredibly charming music videos that often subvert the idea of what you might expect from a cheery indie-pop duo from…   Read Story »
A few years back we heard Summer Camp's cover of the Waitresses' "Christmas Wrapping," and they mashed up modern Christmas standards from Paul McCartney and Mariah Carey last year. Now they've taken…   Read Story »
The British indie-pop duo Summer Camp only make bright, charming music videos, and their new one -- for "Two Chords, from their new self-titled album -- might be the best one yet. Both band members…   Read Story »
The slickly twee British duo Summer Camp are about to return with a new self-titled album next month, and we've already heard "Fresh," the album's charmingly fizzy first single. The track's video…   Read Story »
The British indie-pop duo Summer Camp made a big leap last year with the great disco-inflected single "Always," and maybe they'll make good on its promise this fall, when they release their…   Read Story »
The video for "Always," the irresistibly synthy and catchy-as-all-hell new single from British indie-pop duo Summer Camp, is disturbing and funny and ridiculously cute, all at the same time. It's a…   Read Story »
British indie-poppers Summer Camp are coming this summer with a new EP called Always, and we've already heard the early selection "Life." And now here's the title track, a delirious bit of…   Read Story »
UK indie pop outfit Summer Camp will put out a new EP this summer called Always, and today we have the first offering from that release. It's called "Life," and it's a big, swirling dancehall jam…   Read Story »
It's been a while since Brit indie poppers Summer Camp checked in, but the duo is back with a simple, but fertile, concept involving a Walmart-esque photo studio and lots of soft focusing. Watch it…   Read Story »