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We've been following Swedish duo Korallreven as they've made the rounds with the likes of "Young As Yesterday," and "Honey Mine," which both feature Taken By Tree's Victoria Bergsman, and many of…   Read Story »
Victoria Bergsman covered Animal Collective's "My Girls" as "My Boys" on her second Taken By Trees album East Of Eden. She also got Panda Bear to provide backing vocals on an original album track,…   Read Story »
You've probably already heard the "Young Folks"/ex-Concretes singer Victoria Bergsman, aka Taken By Trees, do her gender-specific take on "My Girls." Now you can watch her, aka her stunt double, walk…   Read Story »
We're tired of the achingly sincere amateurs and questionable remixes. Where's an indie contemporary's premature spin on the ninth best song of the decade? Some of us have blogs to blog! Enter "Young…   Read Story »
Though the collection's title might make you think of über-American author John Steinbeck, Swedish "Young Folks"/ex-Concretes crooner Victoria Bergsman, aka Taken By Trees, recorded her new album…   Read Story »