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Takka Takka have released an animated collage clip for "When You Leave" from their 2012 release A.M. Landscapes. The video, which is filled mostly with newspaper clippings, red silhouettes of women,…   Read Story »
Next week, style-sampling Brooklyn indie rockers Takka Takka will release their long-anticipated followup to 2008's Migration, a record called A.M. Landscapes that the band recorded with Phil…   Read Story »
On Saturday night, Bob Weir, the Grateful Dead legend, played a show at his own TRI Studios in San Rafael, California. At the show, he was backed by a one-off band called the Bridge Session. As…   Read Story »
The second installment of Guilt By Association comes out in February. In case you don't remember Vol. 1, the compilation featured contemporary indie bands covering so-called "guilty pleasures." Of…   Read Story »
The crapshoot buffet of 25 minute sets from overextended bands is now closed, thanks. When you're out all day and all night, you encounter lots -- some undercooked and unpalatable flller, some that's…   Read Story »
In this Amy Finkel-directed video for Takka Takka's "Silence," the Brooklyn quintet's dreamy little song (with guest instrumentation via the National's Bryan Devendorf and Lee Sargent of CYHSY) is…   Read Story »
It's totally reductive to associate Memorial Day Weekend solely with drinking and eating (and not, you know, Memorializing), but here it is, that special weekend custom made for welcoming summer,…   Read Story »
We liked the Takkas right out of the gates -- early demo track "We Feel Safer At Night" (still available here) wedded Gabe's Lou Reedy vocal to a Brooklyn-circa-Clap Your Hands feel (at a time when…   Read Story »
Free music is the best music, no? Takka Takka show the love on V Day with an EP of new tunes, and all you have to do is download. It's called Talk Faster, though we're just gonna call it Takka Faster…   Read Story »
"Everyday's no holiday," sings a warm and obviously reflective Gabe -- over gentle guitars in country-campfire cadence -- and we imagine Takka Takka gathered around a cozy living room in Brooklyn…   Read Story »