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Stereogum & team9 Present… MySplice 4: 2009 Mashed Up

There could not have been a more apt ID3 than that of Freelance Hellraiser’s “Stroke Of Genius,” the MP3 that launched this decade’s most fitting musical legacy. Parts of two or three or thirty tracks mixed into one supersong? What better than mashups to soundtrack a generation of smartphone-wielding Adderall chompers coming of age i… More »

By: Scott Lapatine / December 23, 2009 - 10:59 am

Stereogum & team9 Present… MySplice III: 2008 Mashed Up

For the third year in a row, we’ve turned to master bootlegger team9 to take some of our favorite songs of the year and mash them together. On Stereogum & team9 Present… MySplice III you’ll hear familiar blog hits from artists like Lykke Li, of Montreal, the Breeders, Bloc Party, Crystal Castles, and Beck remixed… More »

By: Scott Lapatine / December 16, 2008 - 6:17 pm

New Arcade Fire – “Black Mirror (team9 Remix)”

Want your Neon Bible with a little more, neon? Mix master team9 — he of MySplice fame — takes a go at it. He says:I love the Neon Bible album but always felt that the cover art was a little decieving. Ok, so it’s a neon sign, so there’s the tie in but to me… More »

By: Amrit Singh / February 11, 2008 - 2:12 pm

Stereogum & team9 Present… MySplice 2.0: 2007 Mashed Up

In what is fast becoming a Stereogum tradition, we’ve once again conspired with master bootlegger team9 for a celebration of the year in singles. Of course “the year in singles” is a loaded term coming from us — relatively massive as they are, Arcade Fire, M.I.A. and Band Of Horses aren’t exactly Hot 100 fare… More »

By: Stereogum / December 30, 2007 - 8:19 pm

Sounds Like Silver

The crew behind the unofficial remix albums Always Outsiders, Never Outdone (tweaking Prodigy) and Flip The Switch (tackling The Chemical Brothers) are back with a track-by-track reworking of the new LCD Soundsystem Sound Of Silver, out today in the UK and 3/20 on this side of the Atlantic divide. Our good friend, masterful MySplice collaborator… More »

By: Stereogum / March 12, 2007 - 3:46 pm

New team9 – “When You Were A Starlight” (The Killers vs. Muse)

Stepping up to the plate after a challenge from Australia’s JJJ radio, mashup master team9 has belted out, or should we say sewn together, another rocker with “When You Were A Starlight,” taking the trademark tunes from The Killers and Muse’s recent releases and splicing ‘em into a guit rock banger. Grab it here.This come… More »

By: Stereogum / February 22, 2007 - 11:20 am

“Silent Saints” On A Berlin Train

Reader Gunnar writes:I just wanted to say that I enjoyed the “year in mash-ups” by team9 very much. thank you for that!!!!

the “silent saints” impressed me so much, i love the knife and i love this kind of mash-up-blasphemy, so this song is just right! I thought it has this great “modern-human-alienated-in-a-decaying-city”-feeling, so… More »

By: Stereogum / February 2, 2007 - 10:50 am

Bloc Party (What It Do)

Clipse had a great year with Hell Hath No Fury, and since its release the record’s enjoyed a second life as a mash-up fave. First it was our good friend and mashmaster team9 and his “Flaming Clipse” (using “Mr. Me Too”) on the MySplice project, and then it was ADD DJ Girl Talk adding “Wam… More »

By: Stereogum / January 24, 2007 - 12:21 pm

Stereogum & team9 Present… MySplice: 2006 Mashed Up

UPDATE: Since this post was published, we’ve made MySplice an annual tradition. Listen to and download all editions here.


Do albums matter as much as singles anymore? We like to think so. But 2006 was a great year for indie acts representing with a hot track. We wanted to figure a way… More »

By: Stereogum / December 13, 2006 - 6:00 pm

New Beck Video – “Cell Phone’s Dead”

Someone finally gave Beck a budget! And Michel Gondry! While there are no furries in this mesmerizing black and white clip for “Cell Phone’s Dead,” we finally get the answer to the question “If Beck were a Transformer, what would he transform into?” (Answer: a door.)

Beck talks about the tune i… More »

By: Scott Lapatine / October 18, 2006 - 12:07 pm

New Team9 – “Superchunk”

When it comes to mash-ups I prefer when only two tracks are mixed together; it’s just a cooler concept, especially when you hit on a couple of tunes that work so well (e.g., Mark Vidler’s “Daytrip To Never Never Land” MP3). That said, team9’s got a few winners in the new 27 mix Superchunk. It… More »

By: Scott Lapatine / June 20, 2006 - 10:58 am

The Four Stages Of The Arctic Monkeys

In this sneak preview of tonight’s Best Week Ever, panelists explain how NME’s Coolest Kids of 2005 stole our ears then stomped on our hearts. And SXStereogum co-host Paul Scheer sneaks in a few references to “MySpace Tom” so I couldn’t resist…

Stage 5, of course: the bootleg remix.

And I… More »

By: Scott Lapatine / March 10, 2006 - 6:27 pm

New Strokes – “You Only Live Once”

Thanks to everyone who sent in the lastest Strokes song. Download the MP3 from this megaupload link.

(Thanks to Mond for the tip!)

PREVIOUSLY: The Strokes- “Juicebox”

UPDATE: Team 9 have gone and mashed “Juicebox” with Peter Gunn. MP3 here. More »

By: jed / October 2, 2005 - 10:44 pm

Heard Any Good Mash-Ups Lately?

Three boots in heavy rotation on the iPod this week.

Killers Vs Corey Hart
Team 9 – “Somebody Told Me Sunglasses At Night” (MP3 link removed)

Veruca Salt Vs Yaz
Divide & Kreate – “Don’t Seether” (MP3 link removed)

Mylo Vs Tegan & Sara
Party Ben – “Mylo Walking With A GhostMore »

By: Stereogum / May 10, 2005 - 10:38 am

Trent Gets Math, Mashed

The Big-banged, Cash-covering (?) Spin coverboy is answering fan questions at Here’s a winner:

Actually, some of the Q&A is enlightening. Regarding the lack of booklet with the new CD, Trent explains:CDs are dead. CDs are also an ugly, aesthetically unpleasant means of delivering data … When the time came to… More »

By: Stereogum / May 4, 2005 - 5:43 pm

File Under Weird

Beck’s “E-Pro” single, released officially last week, gets its first decent mashup (w/ Jacko and Janet’s “Scream”). MP3 here…
Team 9 – “Screaming Pro In Hell”

Also among today’s unlikely listening:
Stream “Trigger Cut” from Brown Brothers’ forthcoming jazz tribute to Pavement. (Via Gary.)
Download The Changes – “Modern Love (Hilary Duff Version)”. It’… More »

By: Stereogum / February 15, 2005 - 4:46 pm

New Team 9 Mashups

Bob Dylan’s “Blowin’ In The Wind” VS Air’s “Mike Mills”
> Team 9 – “Mike’s Blowin’ In The Wind”
A little creepy, but worth a listen.

The Cure’s “Lovesong” VS The Beatles’ “Taxman”
> Team 9 – “Lovetax”
A decent mix … honestly, I’ll listen to any Cure boot.

Elvis Costello’s “Oliver’s Army”… More »

By: Stereogum / January 14, 2005 - 12:03 pm

Processed Beats

Cara gave us the best engagement present ever, so today she gets to recommend a band to you.

Cara: Scott — you should tell everyone you know that they need to go see Kasabian the next time they come back to NYC. They were spectacular.
Stereogum: You wrote last night … did you write… More »

By: Stereogum / November 19, 2004 - 9:55 am