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North Carolina-based Merge Records is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. From taking over baseball games to planning their own four-day festival, they've been doing so in style. The next…   Read Story »
For the upcoming compilation I Saved Latin! A Tribute To Wes Anderson, bands cover a variety of artists whose songs have popped up in scenes in Wes Anderson's films. In case you don't know the…   Read Story »
Telekinesis is the comic-book superpower to move stuff around with your mind. It's also the stage name of the Seattle musician Michael Benjamin Lerner, who's about to release Dormarion, his third…   Read Story »
When you think of a one-man band, you tend to picture a man with a harmonica, wearing a drum like a baby, and walking around with cymbals attached to his knees. As far as I know, Michael Lerner does…   Read Story »
Michael Benjamin Lerner, the Seattle musician who records as Telekinesis, will release Dormarion, his third album, in a few months. He recorded the LP with Spoon drummer Jim Eno producing. First…   Read Story »
These week we've got new videos from TV On The Radio, Cool Kids, Manchester Orchestra, Parts & Labor, and the New York Dolls, among many others. I put the Def Sound and Parts & Labor videos together…   Read Story »
While selections from Superchunk's aptly titled new album Majesty Shredding were rock solid, Jon Wurster's vocal performance during their cover of The Misfits "Horror Business" will go down in…   Read Story »
At Seattle's biggest music festival, rain is not unexpected; still, the downpours at Bumbershoot '09 were scary even for this neck of the Pacific Northwest. No bands got electrocuted, but the sound…   Read Story »
While out in LA, Barsuk pop crew Ra Ra Riot did three things of note: a session at KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic (full band), a sold-out show at the El Rey Theatre (full band), and a full-on power…   Read Story »
When we handed over the site to Death Cab For Cutie a ways back, Chris Walla BTW'd Telekinesis. After that, Telekinesis, aka Seattle songwriter Michael Benjamin Lerner, was picked up by Merge…   Read Story »