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Last fall we shared the stunning nine-minute title track from the Amazing's upcoming Picture You. Now here's the video, directed by Shilling & Shilling, which follows actress Tamsin Topolski through…   Read Story »
The superlatively-named the Amazing introduced their third album with the nine-minute-long title track "Picture You," a song that wasn't as epic as its runtime may suggest. Instead, it's a shimmering…   Read Story »
The end is definitely near: The weather in NYC dropped like 20 degrees this week, and we're all over here looking back on 2014 trying to decide if the records we loved in March still stand up in…   Read Story »
The Amazing are one of the best-named bands I've encountered in a while, mainly because they're also one of the best. Judging by "Picture You," the title track from the Swedish quintet's third album,…   Read Story »
Setting their guitar phaser pedals to stun, Tame Impala captivated a sold out El Rey Theatre crowd with intoxicating swirls of sound. Touring behind excellent sophomore album Lonerism, Tame Impala…   Read Story »