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The brothers Jarman got censored for their "Men's Needs" and flickered black 'n' white against a wall for "Moving Pictures." Now, following the cartoon footsteps of other recent animated videos and…   Read Story »
Sometimes you have great intentions of diligence and punctuality, and sometimes your airline decides to be late, sloppy, and in love with sitting on the runway. The terra blue chips and…   Read Story »
/img/album_covers/cribs_mens_needs_womens_needs_whatever.jpg /tag/The%20Cribs   Read Story »
The bloody brothers of Cribs may surprise you with LP number three, and if you haven't given Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever a chance, change that; tracks like "Bovine Public" and "Girls Like…   Read Story »
Alex Kapranos takes a production credit on the next one from Wakefield sibling trio the Cribs, and his Franzy feel is in the mix for this track, set to a yellow-green screen non-contest video. Not…   Read Story »
Wednesdays offer slim pickings during CMJ week. But Jeff and I caught plenty of memorable gigs on Day One. I'm living it up until Friday, 'cause that's when I leave for my bachelor party (Vegas, baby…   Read Story »