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I first learned about the music scene roulette known as the Rock Lottery when some industrious creative types in Columbus started throwing their own annual holiday spinoff, the Rock Potluck, about a…   Read Story »
I spent the summer of 2004 living in Athens, Ohio, my one summer on campus during a four-year stint at Ohio University. Athens is an exceptionally sleepy place in the summer, a tiny rural college…   Read Story »
The Fiery Furnaces' Eleanor Friedberger gave us the supremely likable solo album Personal Record earlier this year, and she's now made four videos with the reliably funny director Scott Jacobson. The…   Read Story »
Last month, the Fiery Furnaces' Eleanor Friedberger released Personal Record, a lush, incisive, and utterly winning solo album, a more straightforward and immediate piece of music than anything she's…   Read Story »
Next month Eleanor Friedberger will release Personal Record -- her second solo album and the follow up to her excellent 2011 offering, Last Summer. Co-written with Wesley Stace (aka John Wesley…   Read Story »
The Fiery Furnaces' Eleanor Friedberger has made a new solo album called Personal Record, one that she co-wrote with the musician and writer Wesley Stace (who records as John Wesley Harding). The…   Read Story »
Before Matthew Friedberger was in a "feud" with Radiohead, he and his sis Eleanor were working hard to get the word out about their eighth album, the Jason Loewenstein-assisted I'm Going Away via…   Read Story »
The Fiery Furnace is indeed fiery in his "Unedited Blog Post" and "Imaginary Response!" to Beck's "Harry Partch." Note: The sentence "That was written in a style I associate with a certain sort of…   Read Story »
Harry Patch, the longest surviving UK veteran of World War I, lived an honorable life, his very existence serving as a reminder to countless others of how far we've come, and at what cost, in matters…   Read Story »
Matthew Friedberger owns up to his unpopular Radiohead "fuck you" ("I don't have any time for them. There's a lot of music."). He also says he was misquoted but thinks self-censorship and "trying to…   Read Story »