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Cosmopolitan British dance-pop pioneers Saint Etienne have a new album called Words And Music By Saint Etienne coming out later this month, and we've already heard the early tracks "Tonight" and…   Read Story »
The Golden Filter's new video for "Kill Me" features a mother's love for her son veer into some pretty twisted places. NSFW for blood and some other somewhat graphic sequences. I Googled "reverse…   Read Story »
The latest issue of Mojo comes with a CD of various different bands covering songs from New Order's beyond-awesome 1983 New Order album Power, Corruption & Lies, as well as the singles from that era…   Read Story »
Appropriately, and by design, the December edition of our Monthly Mix is the iciest. In the comments of the last installment Scott joked about me doing an "all black metal" mix, but as you'll notice…   Read Story »
To help ring in the holidays, the Golden Filter covered Psychic TV's "White Nights" from the band's 1983 second album Dreams Less Sweet, a collection that did, in fact, include contributions from the…   Read Story »
You've heard "Excuses" a lot of times and in a few different ways by now, so what's one more? The Golden Filter's remix has some unique features though, like the extra snares around the kick drum,…   Read Story »
In March we heard Doctor Rosen Rosen's remix of Odd Blood lament "Madder Red," but it's time for Secretly Canadian to release a "Madder Red" single, so shiny and shadowy NYC disco crew -- and remix…   Read Story »
The Golden Filter reworked "Lay It Down" for Peter Bjorn & John, so PBJ returned the favor with this remix of the NYC duo's "Hide Me" single. The original "Hide Me" comes off both delicate and…   Read Story »
New York disco crew the Golden Filter introduced us to their official full-length debut Voluspa via the updated version of "Hide Me," but it's the icy title track that gets the video. As always,…   Read Story »
With their carefully sustained clandestine aesthetic and tendency toward darker but still deeply jubilant dance music, the Golden Filter are, in one sense or another, the NYC version of the Knife.…   Read Story »