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The Magnetic Fields can't be accused of false advertising in titling studio album eight Distortion: Each tune's wrapped in a fuzzy, clamoring shell, even when the feedbacking acoustic piano and…   Read Story »
Just started dipping into the Magnetic Fields' forthcoming Distortion, loving every second. A more in depth evaluation's sure to follow; in the meantime, chant along to the LP's surf-y lead track…   Read Story »
Last we heard from Stephin Merritt, he was talking ABBA and speed writing for NPR, resulting in the gothy, somber, and pop-rific "The Man Of A Million Faces." Upping the pace some, "Three-Way," the…   Read Story »
NPR's All Songs Considered has this new segment "Project Song" where a musician type's given 48 hours to write a tune based on the materials the Public Radio peeps provide. The first person selected,…   Read Story »
It's been almost a decade since Stephin Merritt's last Gothic Archies album, but that's about to change thanks to Lemony Snicket. We haven't actually read Daniel Handler's Series Of Unfortunate…   Read Story »
By request... The Shins - "Strange Powers (Live In Toronto 4/17/05)" (MP3) You can read Frank's review of that Kool Haus show at Chromewaves. While you're there, download another cool cover:…   Read Story »
Montreal's big buzz band did a sweet set on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic yesterday, reworking some of their more bombastic funereal anthems into gentle, chugging ballads. Highlights included a…   Read Story »
"Rock That?s Oh So Stupid Yet Oh So Intelligent" By STEPHIN MERRITT The New York Times 5/16/04 DELAYS You can't tell a word Greg Gilbert is saying on this English band's debut album, "Faded Seaside…   Read Story »