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If you've spent enough time listening to the Mountain Goats, you know that frontman John Darnielle has a remarkable gift for short, economical, evocative fictions that come in the form of songs. He's…   Read Story »
Yep. What you read up there is true, folks. John Darnielle finally sat down and talked some real-talk about goats with Modern Farmer. And as funny as the idea is, it's not played for laughs -- it…   Read Story »
In what I imagine was a weird and electric scene for both John Darnielle and the audience, the Mountain Goats recently played the historically significant Newport Folk Festival. And during their set,…   Read Story »
The Mountain Goats' John Darnielle -- who was recently an excellent guest on Marc Maron's WTF podcast -- has been a short ditty for Justin "Worst Birthday Ever" Bieber and his recent battle with the…   Read Story »
Mountain Goats frontman John Darnielle might be the single greatest talker in all of indie rock; as much as I love Mountain Goats songs, I've found myself at live shows, wishing they would end so…   Read Story »
A brief taxonomy of prolific musicians, in terms of popularity. We have the obsessed cranks, those who toil in underground music caves without the usual industry strictures to condense their output:…   Read Story »
Here's the Mountain Goats' new video for "Cry For Judas," an emotional, striking tour through youthful curiosity, sin and pain. Also, the star of it is arguably a mouse running through a maze.…   Read Story »
Next week, the Mountain Goats drop their new album Transcendental Youth, though god knows we probably won't untangle all the lyrical tangles until long, long after that. Mountain Goats albums, after…   Read Story »
The Mountain Goats are just about to release Transcendental Youth, which is their 14th studio album. In support of their album the group, comprised of John Darnielle, drummer Jon Wurster and bassist…   Read Story »
I gave up on Showtime's mom-dealing-pot dramedy Weeds years ago, during the scene where Snoop Dogg showed up and started rapping about "milf weed." The world, however, apparently didn't. The show is…   Read Story »