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We Took The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle To His First Pro Wrestling Show In 35 Years

In the crowd at a middle-of-nowhere North Carolina show, an earnest and bearded young man approaches John Darnielle, the Mountain Goats frontman. The young man slides in next to Darnielle, briefly and respectfully praising his music. This is nothing new. Young men in dark rooms have been approaching Darnielle for a couple of decades, and… More »

By: Tom Breihan / 9:55 am

Stream The Mountain Goats Beat The Champ

Last night, WWE held what was probably its best Wrestlemania in years in San Francisco. And if you're still jacked up enough from it that you need to blast more pro-wrestling shit through your brain (guilty), allow me to suggest a course of action. Actually, I'll suggest this whether you give a shit about wrestling… More »

By: Tom Breihan / March 30, 2015

The Mountain Goats – “Heel Turn 2″

Earlier today, the Mountain Goats premiered a new track on popular spooky podcast Welcome To Night Vale. The song's called "Heel Turn 2," and comes from John Darnielle's upcoming wrestling-inspired album, Beat The Champ. The 6-minute track serves as the quasi-centerpiece to the new record, and features a characteristically melancholy chorus in the form of… More »

By: James Rettig / March 1, 2015

The Mountain Goats – “The Legend Of Chavo Guerrero”

For more than two decades, ever since it was just John Darnielle and a boom box, the Mountain Goats have been cranking out new music at crazy speed. But now it's been more than two years since the band released Transcendental Youth, their last album, which marks the longest break in the band's existence. More »

By: Tom Breihan / January 21, 2015

Split Single – “Monolith” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Split Single is a supergroup of sorts: The band consists of drummer Jon Wurster from Superchunk and the Mountain Goats, Britt Daniel of Spoon, and frontman Jason Narducy from Bob Mould's band, Superchunk, and the owner of some outrageously sexy elbows. Split Single released their new LP, Fragmented World, in April, and today we… More »

By: Ethan Jacobs / October 20, 2014

Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle’s Debut Novel Nominated For National Book Award

The Mountain Goats' mastermind John Darnielle recently released his debut novel, Wolf In White Van, to really good reviews. (You can hear the first few minutes of the audiobook version, read by Darnielle himself, right here.) The New York Times reports that the novel has been nominated for the 2014… More »

By: James Rettig / September 17, 2014

Hear Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle Read The Beginning Of His New Book Wolf In White Van

John Darnielle recently announced he will be going on a tour to do readings from his upcoming book Wolf In White Van. Now you can listen to some of it yourself. Below you can hear the first 10 minutes of the audiobook read by Darnielle himself. More »

By: Miles Bowe / September 12, 2014

Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle Announces Book Tour For His Debut Novel

Fans of the Mountain Goats have surely been wishing/waiting for this moment for a long time: John Darnielle recently announced plans to release his first novel, titled Wolf In White Van, and now he will be doing a book tour for it. Be aware, though, if you head out to see him, it'll be just… More »

By: Miles Bowe / July 11, 2014

Download New Cover Songs And Watch A Short Documentary Celebrating 25 Years Of Merge

North Carolina-based Merge Records is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. From taking over baseball games to planning their own four-day festival, they've been doing so in style. The next part of their celebration is a 24-minute documentary chronicling the rise of the indie label. It features interviews with employees and artists and… More »

By: James Rettig / July 8, 2014

Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle Announces Debut Novel Wolf In White Van

If you've spent enough time listening to the Mountain Goats, you know that frontman John Darnielle has a remarkable gift for short, economical, evocative fictions that come in the form of songs. He's gone longer, too; his book in the 33 1/3 series, about Black Sabbath's Master Of Reality, is structured as a novella… More »

By: Tom Breihan / March 4, 2014

The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle Does His First 100% Goat-Related Interview

Yep. What you read up there is true, folks. John Darnielle finally sat down and talked some real-talk about goats with Modern Farmer. And as funny as the idea is, it's not played for laughs -- it couldn't possibly be. Darnielle is way too enthusiastic about pretty much everything to let it be a gimmick,… More »

By: Miles Bowe / September 20, 2013

Watch The Mountain Goats Debut “Animal Mask” At Newport Folk Festival

In what I imagine was a weird and electric scene for both John Darnielle and the audience, the Mountain Goats recently played the historically significant Newport Folk Festival. And during their set, Darnielle took the opportunity to debut "Animal Mask" a new song that concerns two things relevant to my interests: Seeing your child born,… More »

By: Tom Breihan / August 6, 2013

John Darnielle – “Short Song For Justin Bieber’s Paparazzi”

The Mountain Goats' John Darnielle -- who was recently an excellent guest on Marc Maron's WTF podcast -- has been a short ditty for Justin "Worst Birthday Ever" Bieber and his recent battle with the paparazzi. Darnielle notes that we shouldn't necessarily feel bad for the Biebz and that there are certainly more pressing… More »

By: Claire Lobenfeld / March 12, 2013

Hear John Darnielle On Marc Maron’s WTF

Mountain Goats frontman John Darnielle might be the single greatest talker in all of indie rock; as much as I love Mountain Goats songs, I've found myself at live shows, wishing they would end so that he could return to the stage patter. And as anyone who's ever listened to The Sunset Tree or heard… More »

By: Tom Breihan / March 4, 2013

Mountain Goats Albums From Worst To Best

A brief taxonomy of prolific musicians, in terms of popularity. We have the obsessed cranks, those who toil in underground music caves without the usual industry strictures to condense their output: R. Stevie Moore, Jandek, Senmuth. You've got your restless creatives, the major figures who earned the cultural and actual capital to indulge their every… More »

By: Brad Shoup / December 6, 2012

The Mountain Goats – “Cry For Judas” Video

Here's the Mountain Goats' new video for "Cry For Judas," an emotional, striking tour through youthful curiosity, sin and pain. Also, the star of it is arguably a mouse running through a maze. Needless to say, there's a lot to process here. Watch it below. More »

By: Corban Goble / October 9, 2012

Stream The Mountain Goats Transcendental Youth

Next week, the Mountain Goats drop their new album Transcendental Youth, though god knows we probably won't untangle all the lyrical tangles until long, long after that. Mountain Goats albums, after all, are like that. But now we can get a head start on it. We've already heard early song "Cry For Judas,"… More »

By: Tom Breihan / September 24, 2012

Turntable Interview: The Mountain Goats

The Mountain Goats are just about to release Transcendental Youth, which is their 14th studio album. In support of their album the group, comprised of John Darnielle, drummer Jon Wurster and bassist Peter Hughes, is about to set out on another nationwide tour. But before they leave, the band’s charismatic frontman Darnielle (above, center)… More »

By: Melissa Locker / August 24, 2012

The Mountain Goats Cover “Little Boxes”

I gave up on Showtime's mom-dealing-pot dramedy Weeds years ago, during the scene where Snoop Dogg showed up and started rapping about "milf weed." The world, however, apparently didn't. The show is now in its eighth and final season, and it's resurrected its old gimmick in which various different artists cover "Little Boxes," the Malvina… More »

By: Tom Breihan / July 31, 2012

The Mountain Goats – “Cry For Judas”

Earlier this month, we learned that the Mountain Goats have a new album called Transcendental Youth coming out in the fall. And today, the first track from the LP hits the internet. It's called "Cry For Judas," and it's an expansively bouncy tune that, as promised, makes prominent use of a horn section, which… More »

By: Tom Breihan / July 25, 2012
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