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Watch St. Vincent Attempt To Identify Songs By Her Biggest Influences In A Cruel Listening Test

Annie Clark has always been open to talking about her musical influences, from Miles Davis to Steely Dan. She even got to collaborate and release an album with one of her favorite musicians, David Byrne. During some downtime at last weekend’s Rock En Seine festival where St. Vincent was playing a set, French site SourdoreilleMore »

By: James Rettig / August 27, 2014 - 10:41 am

The Polyphonic Spree – “You Don’t Know Me” Video

The Polyphonic Spree have a new album out, Yes, It’s True. Surrounding its release, the band have made a video for “You Don’t Know Me.” Watch it below. More »

By: Liz Pelly / August 10, 2013 - 3:01 pm

The Polyphonic Spree – “Hold Yourself Up”

Last year, Tim DeLaughter’s psychedelic cult choir the Polyphonic Spree released a holiday record, but the forthcoming Yes, It’s True is being promoted as their first real LP since 2007. We heard its first single “You Don’t Know Me” back in February, and today we get another album sample via the uplifting pop-styled, bell-strewn, chorally… More »

By: Amrit Singh / July 29, 2013 - 11:43 am

The Polyphonic Spree – “You Don’t Know Me”

The teaming, cultlike Texan psych-pop choir the Polyphonic Spree haven’t released a proper album in about six years, but they’ll be back in a few months with the new studio effort Yes, It’s True. The album collects music that the band’s recorded over the past few years, and frontman Tim DeLaughter (former leader of the… More »

By: Tom Breihan / February 28, 2013 - 11:33 am

The Polyphonic Spree – “A Working Elf’s Theme” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Texan good-vibes psych choir the Polyphonic Spree are back with their first album since 2007, and it’s a bit of a left turn: The yuletide collection Holidaydream: Sounds Of The Holidays Vol. One. There’s no massed sun-worshipping on their song “A Working Elf’s Theme.” Instead, it’s a short, jaunty song on which the only vocal… More »

By: Tom Breihan / November 13, 2012 - 11:46 am

The Polyphonic Spree – “What Would You Do?”

The Polyphonic Spree recently dropped a teaser to their upcoming tour and the clip is soundtracked by their new song, “What Would You Do?” And, if you want a slightly purer version of the track, there’s a video of the band playing the physical record on a turntable. Check ‘em out, with the tour dates,… More »

By: Corban Goble / January 25, 2012 - 2:07 pm

Top 10 Bands With Members Who Don’t Play Anything

In today’s Listomania, we unveil our favorite 10 bands who have a member that doesn’t play or do anything, and that’s no intended sleight to these critical players, whether they be hypemen, “vibes managers,” or just token old dudes to round out a musical family. Honorable mention goes out to Broken Social Scene’s fourth guitar… More »

By: Stereogum / January 12, 2012 - 3:44 pm

The Polyphonic Spree – “Bullseye” Video

Tim DeLaughter’s symphonic pop cult the Polyphonic Spree have released a new song via an interactive video designed by Moonbot Studios for the iPad/iPhone. Here’s the description of “Bullseye” from Apple’s app store:
Play through an expansive and changing world as You-Me, a small creature striving to find his way in the world. Bring… More »

By: Scott Lapatine / July 12, 2011 - 11:11 am

Learn Guitar From The Polyphonic Spree

Spree guitarist Cory Helms will visit your home (via webcam) and “… work on exactly what you want to work on,” whether that’s a lesson on songwriting, improvisation, or music theory, or helping you decide on a new guitar, sweet amp, or Big Muff distortion pedal. More at The Polyphonic Spree’s blog. More »

By: jessica / March 18, 2010 - 10:33 am

New Polyphonic Spree Demo – “Apart”

Tim DeLaughter’s posted another GarageBand demo of new Polyphonic material, again getting vulnerable and going it alone with a couple of guitars and multi-tracked vocals on the tentatively titled “Apart.”

The Polyphonic Spree – “Apart (Demo)” (MP3)

He says it’s the second track written in NYC, and that we’re sure to hear… More »

By: Amrit Singh / July 21, 2009 - 2:33 pm

New Polyphonic Spree Demo – “Blurry”

As Tim DeLaughter notes regarding the Built To Spill-y “Blurry”: “This is how the songs usually start, in a demo process. Pretty stripped down. So, enjoy the process of the seed.” It’s not hard imagining where the seed goes after the choir has their way with it, which is maybe why this understated take’s so… More »

By: brandon / July 20, 2009 - 5:46 pm

Tim DeLaughter Stops The Gap Between Polyphonic Spree LPs With The United States Of Tara’s Theme Song

You should really be watching Diablo Cody’s new Showtime show if you like unrealistic characters and the worst of Juno’s dialogue and generally being infuriated for 30 minutes at a go. Aside from those reasons, it also happens to be the best place to hear new Tim DeLaughter music. So you should set a Seaso… More »

By: Amrit Singh / January 26, 2009 - 5:46 pm

DeVotchKa, Sparklehorse, Album Leaf Cover The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton’s cult stop-motion film turns 15 this year, and as previously reported a motley crew of indie and goth-pop acts have recorded covers for an updated soundtrack called Nightmare Revisited. It’s fun to hear Polyphonic Spree and Album Leaf interpret Danny Elfman, even if you risk hearing Korn’s contribution, too (always with the terribleMore »

By: Scott Lapatine / October 28, 2008 - 10:57 am

The Nightmare Before Christmas Revisited By Various Alt And Indie Rockers

Get ready goths and Evanescence fans, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary. As part of the spooky fanfare, Billboard reports that Walt Disney Records is putting out Nightmare Revisited, a collection of covers, re-recordings, and new material inspired by Burton’s Jack Skellington-fronted animated musical. I haven’t actually checked, but it… More »

By: brandon / August 13, 2008 - 11:42 am

New Polyphonic Spree Video – “We Crawl”

Tim DeLaughter’s finally done it; his choral rock symphony officially has more Sections than it does members. And this here “Section 26 (We Crawl)” is the most personal yet, videographically anyway. By training home movie cameras on themselves in their individual, natural environs, the Polyphonic ones show themselves for maybe the first time as a… More »

By: Stereogum / January 14, 2008 - 9:34 am

Holidays Are Times Of Magic, Free MP3s

Thank you, Jim Noir. Over the past few weeks, more and more bands have come to the holiday table with new, seasonally appropriate songs to help get festive. As would be expected, it’s definitely a mixed bag (stocking?), but there are a surprising amount of goodies as opposed to lumps of coal. We decided to… More »

By: Stereogum / December 12, 2007 - 10:44 am

Free Futbol Jamz

As we made painfully clear during World Cup season, we know little of this soccer, and our news updates on the sport’s attempt to woo the USofA revolve around the snore-worthy exploits of Posh and Becks. MLS is on it, though, knowing that the best way to kids’ hearts is through their iPods. So the… More »

By: Stereogum / August 16, 2007 - 2:53 pm

Lollapalooza ’07: Friday In Photos

Plenty of guitar rawk to go around, but Lolla Day One was a dancer’s delight: Ghostland Observatory, M.I.A., LCD Soundsystem, Daft Punk … bodies were moved and clothes were drenched. But of course there was plenty of fun from the six-stringers, like Silversun Pickups who were surprisingly awesome, making up for a lame… More »

By: Stereogum / August 4, 2007 - 4:21 pm

New Polyphonic Spree Video – “Running Away”

Much like the vid assembled for their full-album promo mashup, the clip for Polyphonic’s first single from The Fragile Army features nothing but still photos, sequenced together by Hal Samples to give DeLaughter’s black-clad battalion a sorely needed sense of melodrama and grandeur (’cause the fatigues and the double digit body count weren’t doing it). More »

By: Stereogum / June 5, 2007 - 9:24 am

New Polyphonic Spree – “Running Away”

You Polyphonic Spree fans have liked what you’ve heard of the record so far, so here’s the first single from the Texan troupe’s new record. Keeping with DeLaughter’s episodic symphony motif, the track’s full title is “Section 22 [Running Away],” or “dude” if you’re into the whole brevity thing. The sweeping, glee choir pomp and… More »

By: Stereogum / May 26, 2007 - 4:01 pm
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