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As Tim DeLaughter notes regarding the Built To Spill-y "Blurry": "This is how the songs usually start, in a demo process. Pretty stripped down. So, enjoy the process of the seed." It's not hard…   Read Story »
You should really be watching Diablo Cody's new Showtime show if you like unrealistic characters and the worst of Juno's dialogue and generally being infuriated for 30 minutes at a go. Aside from…   Read Story »
Tim Burton's cult stop-motion film turns 15 this year, and as previously reported a motley crew of indie and goth-pop acts have recorded covers for an updated soundtrack called Nightmare Revisited.…   Read Story »
Get ready goths and Evanescence fans, Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary. As part of the spooky fanfare, Billboard reports that Walt Disney Records…   Read Story »
Tim DeLaughter's finally done it; his choral rock symphony officially has more Sections than it does members. And this here "Section 26 (We Crawl)" is the most personal yet, videographically anyway.…   Read Story »
Thank you, Jim Noir. Over the past few weeks, more and more bands have come to the holiday table with new, seasonally appropriate songs to help get festive. As would be expected, it's definitely a…   Read Story »
As we made painfully clear during World Cup season, we know little of this soccer, and our news updates on the sport's attempt to woo the USofA revolve around the snore-worthy exploits of Posh and…   Read Story »
Plenty of guitar rawk to go around, but Lolla Day One was a dancer's delight: Ghostland Observatory, M.I.A., LCD Soundsystem, Daft Punk ... bodies were moved and clothes were drenched. But of course…   Read Story »
Much like the vid assembled for their full-album promo mashup, the clip for Polyphonic's first single from The Fragile Army features nothing but still photos, sequenced together by Hal Samples to…   Read Story »
You Polyphonic Spree fans have liked what you've heard of the record so far, so here's the first single from the Texan troupe's new record. Keeping with DeLaughter's episodic symphony motif, the…   Read Story »