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Yesterday we told you where to hear five new Rapture tunes. Today, from the forthcoming 7" single, we've got Prince Langauge's remix of the scorching disco jam "Get Myself Into It." (You might've…   Read Story »
At, users who upload a photo and provide some personal details get to sample five cuts from the Rapture's forthcoming album. We're too lazy to fill out forms on the…   Read Story »
Lots of thoughts on that Summer Song post. Including one prescient pick for the band behind Pitchfork's favorite album of 2003. Bassist Matt Safer promises the Rapture's new single will "make the…   Read Story »
Leave it to Erlend Øye of Kings Of Convenience (Norway's answer to Simon & Garfunkel) to reinvent the genre. 1. Jurgen Paape - So Weit Wie Noch Nie 2. Erlend Oye - Sheltered Life (Remix)/Fine…   Read Story »