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As its title might suggest, the Sea & Cake's new video for "Weekend" arrives right on time for each of our individual weekends. It comes from their forthcoming eighth album Car Alarm, which follows…   Read Story »
Something about scrolling backdrops and the Sea & Cake these days. Just two days ago, the beautifully breezy Everybody cut "Coconut" was used as soundtrack for a sideways-moving collage of cool…   Read Story »
The constant sideways scan reminds us of Iron & Wine's video for "Naked As We Came" -- what is it with these noun/ampersand/noun bands? -- but Sea & Cake's "Coconut" is less sprinkler-side…   Read Story »
This one comes from Chicago post-jazz/rock outfit The Sea And Cake's seventh full length, still a few months from release. "Exact To Me" has busy bass intersecting with palm-muted guitars, while Sam…   Read Story »