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Last week we mentioned Dirty Projectors's Dylan cover as part of the Levi's Pioneer Sessions. The Shins's James Mercer stopped by Levi's to produce this cover of Squeeze's "Goodbye Girl" (from their…   Read Story »
Broken Bells started their promotional tour for their self-titled debut a little less than a month ago, and it'll wrap up at SXSW this weekend, when the supergroup-of-sorts will play about five sets…   Read Story »
Danger Mouse and James Mercer hit-up The Road for "The High Road" video. Now they've actually taken Broken Bells to the streets: The guys performed their debut show Friday 2/19 at the Bootleg Theater…   Read Story »
Not sure if musicians and comedians preternaturally get along together. But they definitely both hate cancer. So maybe this benefit for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society was more of a…   Read Story »
By now, even after that sneaky promo campaign, you may know Broken Bells is the post-Dark Night Of The Soul collision of Danger Mouse and Starbucks sweetheart James Mercer. The twosome now have a…   Read Story »
After witnessing Gnarls Barkley's playful pop-cultural press-shot roll-out and Dark Night Of The Soul's rogue poster campaign, you couldn't have been surprised to find Danger Mouse's latest collab…   Read Story »
At the end of September we told you Danger Mouse (aka Brian Burton) and James Mercer (aka that guy from the Shins) were working on a new project, tentatively titled Broken Bells. A Sony/Columbia…   Read Story »
James and Brian Burton have a new project, and P4K assures us it's more than just a DM-produced Mercer album. Bookmark their band page for now:   Read Story »
The Portland indie rockers show off their acting chops in Portland indie filmmaker Matt McCormic's Some Days Are Better Than Others. It's basically Portland indie rock Space Jam. Corin Tucker cameos!…   Read Story »
From his Mexican food cart in Portland Jesse Sandoval tells Portland Mercury, "I have to own up to my own faults. There were some drumbeats he asked me to do, and I just couldn't do them. ... But I…   Read Story »