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Luis Vasquez, bka The Soft Moon, makes the kind of high-strung and anxious industrial tracks that could soundtrack a mental breakdown or a walk through midtown. "Black" is the first frigid single off…   Read Story »
Luis Vasquez's Bay Area postpunk project the Soft Moon make songs when they want to, but they're just as interested in doing full-on gut-scraping blare. After dropping their new single "Feel" earlier…   Read Story »
Brooding, Factory Records-indebted Bay Area post-punkers the Soft Moon put out their sophomore album Zeros in 2012, and while they haven't yet made any noise about a follow-up, there is a new single…   Read Story »
The best music videos that crossed my video screen this week -- the top three on the list you'll find below -- are paranoid little masterworks of dread and disorientation and confusion. I have no…   Read Story »
Between MS MR's clip for "Hurricane" yesterday and this, the Soft Moon's video for "Want," I'd like to suggest to Tom that perhaps this week's video wrap-up be about the most unsettling visuals of…   Read Story »
Last year, Bay Area postpunkers the Soft Moon released a tough, terse album called Zeros. And now here's director Jacqueline Castel's eroding black-and-white video for the brooding single "Insides."…   Read Story »
The Soft Moon's "Die Life" is a breathy, fuzzy track and the band has crafted a jarring black and white clip featuring a wall of snowy televisions. The backdrop is well suited to the track, almost…   Read Story »
Here's one of those moments where the remixer and remixee are perfect complements to one another: Bleak Bay Area postpunkers the Soft Moon taking on "Ice Age," the skeletal, insinuating dark-folk…   Read Story »
Fall has fallen, as they say. As a result this month's mix of ten tracks delivered right on time for September's grand finale has all the classic ingredients of a prosperous autumn: rap, punk,…   Read Story »
Stereogum40 Class of '11 alum the Soft Moon are set to release a new LP, Zeros, this fall. This single "Insides" is one of its contents, and it's another steamy, Factory Records-redolent post-punk…   Read Story »