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Music biz microblogging can be sure silly, with its potential for overblown beefs and identity theft. But it's hard to get mad at @LilyRoseAllen's cryptic concert ticket hunts or @METALFACEDOOM…   Read Story »
The funky licked "Trust Me" is an appropriately technophobic followup to yesterday's phone ode. It's the second of three new tunes debuting via @SkinnerMike this week. Download at ZShare.   Read Story »
As promised yesterday, @SkinnerMike has debuted the first of three new tunes via Twitter. It's an anxious love letter to the little vibrating thing in his pants. Free MP3 is at ZShare.   Read Story »
Mike Skinner's given us one video that made us cry and one that didn't since he got all mature and stuff on Everything Is Borrowed. "On The Edge Of A Cliff" is like the Streets MC's personal Paolo…   Read Story »
The latest clip in support of Everything Is Borrowed won't make you cry like last time. Mike is in character as Dr. Skinner (not that one), a man who we're told has been "attacked, venerated,…   Read Story »
Mike Skinner took us for a loop with the moving, mature video for "Everything Is Borrowed," the eponymous and introspective ("I came to this world with nothing / And I'll leave with nothing but…   Read Story »
Try to say that seven times, or just take a listen because it's more than half of the forthcoming Everything Is Borrowed, and that's really what matters. Add the new tunes to the title track and its…   Read Story »
In this clip for the opening/title track of the new Streets album, Mike Skinner is at home, not roaching a spliff and watching telly, but waking the wife and making breakfast for his son. Their…   Read Story »
Mike Skinner's feeling philosophical these days. Along the lines of "The Escapist," which had Mike getting help from a choir while walking the streets, taking in trees, rain, stones and sand while…   Read Story »
Mike Skinner dropped his new album preview on MySpace earlier this month, and it contained some promising bits including some of this, "The Escapist." Like One Day As A Lion, turns out the new track…   Read Story »