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There Will Maybe Be A Strokes Album In Not Too Long reports Hambone Jr. is on the record saying the Strokes are "definitely figuring out something to do for 2009," which gives us all about a year to continue stoking the not-actually-real-but-yay-blogs Albert vs. Julian rivalry. More »

By: Amrit Singh / July 10, 2008

New Santogold, Julian Casablancas & Pharrell Video – “My Drive Thru”

When we first brought up the selling power trio of Santogold, Julian Casablancas, and Pharrell we played you their fast food-redolent jingle "My Drive Thru" and mentioned that there would eventually be a video ... or, well, Chuck Taylor commercial for the Three Artists, One Song campaign. The long-awaited clip resembles the billboard… More »

By: brandon / July 9, 2008

New Albert Hammond, Jr. Video – “GfC”

You've heard the song, you've streamed the album, and now you can simulate dropping acid while having the audio-visual realization that Hambone Jr. is making a case for Top Stroke. Quoth Goldenfiddle: " he's starting to make you look bad, Casablancas." Pretty much, yeah. More »

By: Amrit Singh / July 8, 2008

Stream Albert Hammond Jr.’s ¿Cómo Te Llama?

We (ok, you guys) have established Hammond's Spanish grammar is bad. Now you can listen to ¿Cómo Te Llama? at his MySpace and weigh in on the tunes, too. The album's out 7/8 on Black Seal. More »

By: brandon / July 1, 2008

New Santogold, Julian Casablancas & Pharrell – “My Drive Thru”

It's an unlikely trio of artist that are helping get Converse's centennial celebration underway. Maybe not the pairing of Pharrell and Santogold -- actually it's somewhat surprising that this is their first project together -- but Strokes lead man Julian Casablancas is a bit more leather jackets than colored prints, and besides he's been mute… More »

By: amrit / June 9, 2008

New Albert Hammond, Jr. – “GfC”

Now that we have glimpsed Albert Hammond Jr.'s pretty vacant (apartment) album art, we can get to the more substantive business of hearing what the relatively prolific Stroke has in store for his second solo LP. "GfC," which is the tune's core chord progression (G-F minor-C, right guys?), is very promising, a quick cut… More »

By: Amrit Singh / May 22, 2008

Santogold, Julian Casablancas And Pharrell Are Converse All Stars

What do you get when you combine the selling power of Bud Light's Santogold with the laconic New York charm of the Stroke's Casablancas and the non-laconic L.A. sizzle of N.E.R.D.-y Pharrell Williams (not featuring Lindsay Lohan)? Basically, a well-produced Neptunes-style sneaker jingle with the guy from the Strokes and Santi on it. More »

By: brandon / May 16, 2008

Albert Hammond Jr.’s ¿Cómo Te Llama? Album Art

While you were waiting for the Strokes to get bored of looking cool with no place to go, Albert Hammond, Jr. has put together his second solo record. It was recorded in a studio you will never afford (Electric Lady) with friends more privileged than you will ever have (Sean Lennon) and if it's anywhere… More »

By: Amrit Singh / May 15, 2008

The Strokes Are Working Out Kinks For LP4, Watching Gossip Girl

It's been over two years since First Impressions Of Earth, but the Strokes are always fresh in our minds thanks to a neverending parade of covers (Rhymefest, Chris Thile, Howie Beck, Lightspeed Champion, etc.). Plus, Albert Hammond Jr. has recorded two solo albums (Como Te Llama is out this summer) i… More »

By: Scott Lapatine / April 25, 2008

Lightspeed Champion And Alex Turner Cover The Strokes

Turns out Alex Turner does a pretty good Julian Casablancas. Honest to blog! And with that we're surprising, nobody. A'Monk ribbing aside, this really is a fun cover of Room On Fire burner "Reptila," Alex joining Lightspeed Champion & friends (billed as the Pun Lovin' Criminals) at the White Heat party in Mayfair, acro… More »

By: Amrit Singh / January 29, 2008

Alternate Queens Of The Stone Age (Feat. Julian Casablancas) Video – “Sick, Sick, Sick”

Still no sign of Bulby! But this skeezed-out second-take on QOTSA's first Vulgaris single comes packing its own digital delights, including a thrashing, hypercolored take on the dancing iPod silhouettes and a lost little girl with a thing for flicking off the cam and baring her assets. Obviously not intended for MTV USA! We scanned… More »

By: Stereogum / June 1, 2007

New Strokes Video – “You Only Live Once”

In which we see the retro cool of the Strokes as the logical extension of centuries of physical and spiritual (hey, meditating lady) evolution. Seems like this record came out like four years ago, right? "Juicebox" leaked and set an underwhelming first impression of First Impressions in late '05, so in blog years it… More »

By: Stereogum / May 29, 2007

New Queens Of The Stone Age Commercial – “Sick, Sick, Sick”

Our taste of Era Vulgaris continues with this balls-out rocker from Mr. Homme and Co. Stroke-in-Chief Julian Casablancas shares vocal duties and offers some Casio synth guitar riffage. And while this official clip is not a proper music video, we're so taken with Queens' raunchy new spokesbulb we don't mind playing into their marketers'… More »

By: Stereogum / April 23, 2007

Tattoo You

We just came across a post by What Would Jesus Blog? that's assembled an impressive collection of rocker tattoos for your perusal. It's a veritable internet parlor wall of skin art shots and may help YOU decide which tat to get next. Some suggestions: For the Elliott Smith fan, a tastefully subtle and… More »

By: Stereogum / February 16, 2007

Drew Barrymore’s Fab, New Music Comedy

On Valentine's Day weekend nine years ago, Drew teamed up with Adam Sandler for The Wedding Singer. Maybe '80s-music romantic comedies are her thing! This lover's day, she pairs with Hugh Grant for Music and Lyrics, featuring Haircut 100. (And Drew's haircut #100?) FUN FACT: Looks like Drew learned to sing for it. In Woody… More »

By: Stereogum / January 10, 2007

Stereogum’s Favorite Live Shows Of The Year

While we're almost done with thinking about the year that was, we can't let it go by without recapping the year in our favorite concerts. Most of the shows we saw were in the LES ('cause it's closer than say LA), but if we were there, it was eligible for inclusion on this here list… More »

By: Stereogum / December 27, 2006

New Albert Hammond, Jr. Video – “Back To The 101″

How is it that even in death Ric Oh-KASS-eck's favorite Stroke looks better than we ever could in a skinny suit? Here's the first vid from Albert Hammond, Jr.'s coming out record Yours To Keep. Ways in which it resembles "The Scientist": a car crash, followed by scenes as a pensive pedestrian. Way… More »

By: Stereogum / November 13, 2006

Hip-Hop Strokes

New dad Nick Valensi (wife Amanda De Cadenet gave birth to twins on Thursday) will be spending some quality time at home for the new few months. But the Stroke did manage one last gig at the star-studded, Hennessy-soaked "Global Art Of Mixing" party at Capitale last week. Opening for Kanye West of all people. More »

By: Stereogum / October 25, 2006

Drago’s Doppelgänger

From subtle suggestion to cold, hard proof (Nik pic via vorrasi via Laura).   Who's a more convincing pugilist? Drago's gaze may say "I must break you," but Nikolai's nose says "I've been punched."… More »

By: Stereogum / October 20, 2006

Hennessy Artistry Event: What Ever Happened?

Pic via EW. When did Ivan Drago join the Strokes? More »

By: Stereogum / October 19, 2006
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