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Big Boi seems to exist entirely in the indie-festival universe these days, so it's nice, every once in a while, to remember that he's totally famous, that he has a bunch of hits to his name, and that…   Read Story »
Now even Obama has called Yeezy a "jackass"? Heckuva job, press corps. Got a Kanyegate reaction from Jaycee Dugard yet? Meanwhile, no one's answered the most pressing question of all: Where is Taylor…   Read Story »
This past weekend, bill-sharing fellows Reading and Leeds were tasked with distracting a nation still reeling from the death of its Oasis. Their secret weapons were unannounced sets by Them Crooked…   Read Story »
Yeah, that happened this morning. While not letting the rapper-turned-rocker get a word in edgewise, the View ladies make Lil Wayne out to be some kind of spokesperson for staying in school and…   Read Story »
Well sure, it's not exactly her "Cobrastyle." But turning up for estrogen hour at ABC studios with the suited Teddybears themselves indicates she's got clearance to do with it as she pleases. This…   Read Story »
/img/album_covers/radio1_established_1967.jpg /tag/Radio 1 Established 1967   Read Story »
The latest buzzy sensations from the UK are The View, and we'll be the first to admit that we're plenty late with 'em (we've had just about enough of the bratty, post-Libertines…   Read Story »