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Seattle art-rap duo THEESatisfaction are nearly three years from releasing their debut album awE NaturalE, though they've given us the odd EP or mixtape since then. But the official follow-up is now…   Read Story »
The expansive Seattle art-rap duo THEESatisfaction tend to stay a lot busier than their friends and frequent collaborators Shabazz Palaces, who still haven't offered any indication as to if or when…   Read Story »
THEESatisfaction, the proudly bohemian Seattle rap duo who followed their buddies and frequent collaborators Shabazz Palaces to sign with Sub Pop, have a new EP-length mixtape floating around the…   Read Story »
Washington's Sasquatch! Festival took place over the weekend, a heavy-hitting four day lineup featuring people like Jack White, St. Vincent. Bon Iver, Beck, Sanitgold, the Shins, Feist, Metric and…   Read Story »
Corban took over for me on this column last week because I went down to Asheville, North Carolina to experience Actionfest, a film festival dedicated entirely to movies where people get kicked in the…   Read Story »
Seattle duo THEESatisfaction's awE naturalE is one of the year's best debuts, a funky, fresh record that explores choppy R&B textures. Here's the video for the single "QueenS," a colorful clip that…   Read Story »
We've already heard a couple of joints from abstract R&B outfit THEEsatisfaction's debut LP, "QueenS" and "Enchantruss," the latter of which featured collaborator Palaceer Lazaro of Shabazz Palaces.…   Read Story »
Last month, futuristic R&B outfit THEESatisfaction put out their first single from their forthcoming Sub Pop debut, the chirping "QueenS." Today, they posted another track from awE naturalE, the…   Read Story »
The Shabazz Palaces-affiliated outfit THEESatisfaction, made up of Seattle's Stasia Irons and Catherine Harris-White, is set to release their new album awE naturalE in March. For the price of an…   Read Story »