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Last year, former Three 6 Mafia co-leader DJ Paul rounded up his old group's entire original lineup, minus Juicy J, and renamed the crew Da Mafia 6ix. They released the chaotic, cathartic,…   Read Story »
HipHopDX reports that Three 6 Mafia founding member Ricky Dunigan, known to the world as Lord Infamous the Scarecrow, died last night at his mother's house in Memphis. The cause of death hasn't yet…   Read Story »
For the moment, it looks like the great Memphis rap mob Three 6 Mafia is no more, but co-leader DJ Paul has rounded up the next best thing: A crew of former Three 6 members, many of them estranged…   Read Story »
Three 6 Mafia started, more than two decades ago, as a messy and furious Memphis stomp-rap crew, its unstable membership built around the nucleus of producers DJ Paul and Juicy J. Slowly, everyone…   Read Story »
The Weeknd and resurgent Three 6 Mafia berserk-libertine rapper/producer Juicy J tend to write songs about the exact same things: Sex, drugs, partying, being predatory nightlife animals. The only…   Read Story »
The endlessly lovable Three 6 Mafia walking id Juicy J recently recruited a couple of big stars, Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz, for the remix of his gleefully dumb strip-club anthem "Bandz A Make Her…   Read Story »
Back in 2005, I went to a Jay-Z show in New Jersey, and one of my favorite music critics gave me a ride back to New York in his Mercedes, a car that would give me radically unrealistic ideas about…   Read Story »
I met legendary Memphis rap producer and Academy Award winner Juicy J once, about three years ago. It was one of the last days I was working at the Village Voice, and I'd gone across to the pizza…   Read Story »
Earlier this year, Juicy J, one half of the legendary Memphis fight-rap team Three 6 Mafia, teamed up with producer Lex Luger to release the hard-as-fuck Rubba Band Business 2 mixtape, an effort that…   Read Story »