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A key part of the early L.A. punk scene, the Gun Club brought a sort of dessicated blues glamor to the scene where hardcore was being born. A new tribute album called Axels & Sockets will honor the…   Read Story »
Thurston Moore's campaign to turn the internet against him rolls on. Earlier this week the former Sonic Youth frontman told The Fly that the affair that sunk his 27-year marriage to Sonic Youth…   Read Story »
Sonic Youth co-leaders Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon announced in 2011 that they were separating after 27 years of marriage, and talking to Elle last year, Gordon painted a sad picture of the…   Read Story »
Given what we now know about his personal life, it takes a lot of balls for Thurston Moore to release a video for a love song on Valentine's day. And yet that's what's happening. "Heavenmetal" was a…   Read Story »
UK music mag The Fly held their inaugural awards show last night in London. The Horrors picked up a win for Outstanding Artistry and Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore was given a Living Legend award. The…   Read Story »
Given all the sneaking around he's become notorious for, I'm kind of taken aback that the first word out of Thurston Moore's mouth on "Detonation" is "Clandestinity!" Otherwise, nobody's gonna be…   Read Story »
The third album from black metal supergroup Twilight would have been noteworthy even if it didn't feature the contributions of new member Thurston Moore. In every incarnation, the band's…   Read Story »
Given what we now know about Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore's breakup, we shouldn't hold our collective breath for a Sonic Youth reunion anytime soon. Instead, we should probably settle in with…   Read Story »
When Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore announced they were separating, the response was a collective "Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!" It was hard to believe the First Couple Of Indie Rock had split after…   Read Story »
A little while back, Thurston Moore jumped into the Brooklyn Vegan comments section to make grandiose claims about his new band Chelsea Light Moving and their live-show plans, writing that they would…   Read Story »