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Every Grunt From Home Improvement: The Supercut

It's Tim Allen's world, the rest of us are just listening to him grunt nonstop for fifteen minutes in it. (Previously.) (Via DeathAndTaxes.)… More »

By: Kelly Conaboy / October 14, 2013

Some Highlights From The “Quantum Physics” Section Of Tim Allen’s Website

Tim Allen has a website. Naturally. Who doesn't have a website? Your mom has a website. She posts pictures of the dog that she and your dad got after you left for college that they seriously seem to love more than they ever love you. But so Tim Allen has a website,, and Videogum… More »

By: Gabe Delahaye / November 27, 2012

Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing Sounds Nice?

NPR catalogued each instance of a homophobic, misogynistic, xenophobic, etc., thing that happened during the first episode of Tim Allen's new sitcom, Last Man Standing. There are a pretty reasonable amount, just kidding, not reasonable! More »

By: Kelly Conaboy / October 13, 2011

The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Christmas With The Kranks

As we all know, there is no such thing as the "War on Christmas." It's a cynical, manipulative, disingenuous ploy on the part of Bill O'Reilly and FOX News to (annually) stir the Angry Hatred and White Fear Pot amidst their less-informed, more-reactionary viewers. On the one hand, it is COMPLETEY REASONABLE for someone to… More »

By: Gabe Delahaye / December 13, 2010

The Videogum Movie Club: Toy Story 3

Before we talk about Toy Story 3, can we talk about the short that played in front of it, Night & Day? Wow! That was great! I haven't seen something that I enjoyed so much in a very long time. What a whimsical treat. If you haven't seen it, I will not ruin it, but… More »

By: Gabe Delahaye / June 21, 2010

Every Home Improvement Wipe From Season 3, Obviously

We now live in a world where information is free, easily available, and exhaustive in a way that is unlike anything in human experience. This change happened only very recently, and yet its effects were immediate and widespread. And this transformation of our relationship to information will only continue, to the point where an expectatio… More »

By: Gabe Delahaye / April 23, 2010

The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Wild Hogs

It was actually with some anticipation that I watched this week's nominee. Know your enemy! At the very least, I feel like I have made more than my fair share of Wild Hogs jokes over the past couple of years, and it felt like it was time to earn those jokes by paying the price… More »

By: Gabe Delahaye / March 8, 2010

Toy Story 3 Trailer

SPOILER ALERT: you're 12. Watch it here. More »

By: Gabe Delahaye / February 11, 2010

“A Lament For Wild Hogs 2

Obviously, we're all reeling from the news of Wild Hogs 2's cancellation. Tim Heidecker just happened to be the one to put his feelings to music. (And you can sign his petition here.)… More »

By: Gabe Delahaye / December 18, 2009

You Can Make It Up: Wild Hogs 3

John Travolta did not like riding his motorcycle behind Tim Allen because of the flatulence. It wasn't Tim Allen's fault, and John Travolta was respectful of that. Plenty of men had difficulty with gas as they got older--John Travolta didn't know why, he wasn't a doctor--and he and Tim Allen were very old men now. More »

By: Gabe Delahaye / December 17, 2009

Who Cares Why Wild Hogs 2 Was Canceled?

Wild Hogs 2: Bachelor Ride, the sequel to Wild Hogs 1: Seriously, America? has been canceled by the Walt Disney Corporation. The full reasons were not explained, although this article at Variety suggests that it might have something to do with the failure of Old Dogs, and/or the arrival of a new studio head… More »

By: Gabe Delahaye / December 17, 2009

Tim Allen: Comedian, Actor, Director, Graphic Designer

Not only does Tim Allen star in a new movie called Crazy on the Outside, he also directed it! He's a director now! People in Hollywood are like, "this is a safe place to invest our millions of dollars." People in Hollywood are like, "we're gonna need a greener light!" But based on the poster… More »

By: Gabe Delahaye / November 19, 2009