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Australian post-punkers Total Control specialize in a sort of composed frenzy, a combination of staring-into-infinity motorik and fevered snarl that somehow still makes room for pop hooks. Their new…   Read Story »
The ominous new wave track "Flesh War" and the raging punk-rock epic "Expensive Dog" showcased two distinct sides of Australian post-punk powerhouse Total Control. "Glass," the opening track from the…   Read Story »
There seems to be a bit of aggression in the air this week. Maybe the advent of spring has everyone a bit antsy -- certainly the artists who make up our 5 Best Songs Of The Week seem to feel that…   Read Story »
Australian punk rocker Mikey Young juggles a lot of projects -- UV Race, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Lace Curtain, and Ooga Boogas among them -- but his post-punk project Total Control may be the…   Read Story »