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Death Cab For Cutie and the Dismemberment Plan had a mutual respect for each other, so much so that they embarked on a joint Death And Dismemberment Tour in early 2002. This weekend sees the two…   Read Story »
As you may have heard, the Dismemberment Plan, the funky, funny, frenetic DC hardcore band, is back. Uncanney Valley, the band's fifth album and their first since 2001, is out now and before heading…   Read Story »
According to a questionable but oft-recycled musical proverb, the best songs can all be stripped down to just a singer and an acoustic guitar. In a recent Esquire Live Session, the Dismemberment…   Read Story »
Travis Morrison has been busy! Not only is he getting ready to drop the first Dismemberment Plan album in 12 years, but he's also getting ready to put out the debut EP of his new band the Burlies.…   Read Story »
Not content with simply sitting back and enjoying the waves of attention directed at a new Dismemberment Plan album, Travis Morrison's other band, the Burlies, has just released a new song, "The…   Read Story »
Our annual list of late night television's best performances has quickly become an annual exercise in big-upping Jimmy Fallon's music talent booker. Way to go, person responsible for pointing those…   Read Story »
Phoenix had a big 2009. The French group's biggest appeal is their ability to craft ebullient, universally enjoyable pop hooks on the Grammy-nominated Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. (Which is one reason…   Read Story »
After P4K's recent double egging of This Is Next, we went through our Rolodex for other artists who've received a 0.0 from the site. Since we're no longer talking to Kiss, Jet, Bob Pollard,…   Read Story »
Certain point-less reviews far behind and buried (mostly), time to lend a fresh set of ears to D-Plan man TravMo's solo abilities. And thankfully, Travis's done all the heavy lifting; preliminary…   Read Story »
For one happy decade Travis Morrison fronted unpindownable D.C. stage-crashers The Dismemberment Plan. After the quartet bowed out with a finale at the 9:30 Club in 2003, Morrison moved onto a solo…   Read Story »