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Dance producers were getting it done this week. There were so many great dance (or dance-influenced pop) videos this week that I wish MTV would reboot Amp so that stoned college kids could come home…   Read Story »
The actor Oscar Isaac is supposed to be great in Inside Llewyn Davis, but I haven't seen that movie yet, so I mostly still know him as the husband from Drive. And I'm happy to report that the husband…   Read Story »
Trentemøller, who was recently named one of TIME's 7 Scandinavian Bands You Should Listen To Now, is gearing up to release brand new album Lost at the end of the month. Among many collaborations on…   Read Story »
Danish electronic music producer Trentemøller has a new album out later this year called Lost, and its first single features the Drums' Jonny Pierce. "Never Stop Running" is mostly a tastefully…   Read Story »
Earlier this year, the Baltimore band Lower Dens released their very good, krautrock-skewing sophomore album Nootropics, and my daughter still can't fall asleep without listening to it. On the new…   Read Story »
Last year, David Lynch recruited Yeah Yeah Yeahs leader Karen O to sing on "Pinky's Dream," a song from his Crazy Clown Time album. Now Danish dance producer Trentemøller has remixed the track,…   Read Story »
Reworked/Remixed, the new collection from the Danish electronic producer Trentemøller, features two CDs' worth of his remixes, including work for high-profile clients like Depeche Mode and Franz…   Read Story »