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Ever since I was old enough to complain, my dad took great pleasure in the act of dragging my always-resistant ass to music festivals. A summer full of glorious music for him meant a summer full of…   Read Story »
Over the weekend, thousands of fans flocked to this year's Outside Lands at Golden Gate Park. Overcast and chilly weather was offset by the fire from the Metallica pyrotechnics and warm vibes from…   Read Story »
Clowns. No matter the context they sorta freak us out. In the video for Two Gallants' dusty, scuzzy, free-flowing "Despite What You've Been Told," a fairly friendly, albeit down-and-out looking…   Read Story »
One thing you can't take away from the James Joyce-indebted delta-blues punk-folk Saddle Creek duo Two Gallants: the guys know how to work. Last year Adam and Tyson played 200 some odd shows, met…   Read Story »
After a year that saw them play 200 shows and have the most fucked up fall of their careers, delta-blues punk-folk Saddle Creek duo Two Gallants are looking to top all that in '07 with two studio…   Read Story »
It's not a party until a 14-year-old gets Tasered and a 90-year-old stand-up bass gets crushed. On Friday night at Walter's in Houston, a police officer responding to a noise complaint allegedly went…   Read Story »
Every so often, a band you think you have pegged will evolve from a plain old "good act" to an absolute force of nature. And for some reason, you'll beam like a proud papa. Last Monday, Bowery…   Read Story »