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When Apple hijacked every functioning iPhone on the planet and added U2's new Songs Of Innocence to those phones' iTunes libraries, the company probably expected some backlash, but I can't imagine…   Read Story »
It's pretty brave to come out against the new U2 album that was dropped onto everyone's computer last week, considering all the unanimous praise it's gotten. (Well...) Leave it to Tyler, The Creator…   Read Story »
"All About That Bass" is a great song. It is not a cool song, but hopefully by now we all realize cool is not the same thing as great. Meghan Trainor's breakout single, which celebrates the sex…   Read Story »
On Tuesday afternoon, you could do a Twitter search for the phrase "who is U2" and come away with some serious food for thought. Not everyone, it turned out, was watching Apple's big unveiling of its…   Read Story »
U2 pulled a combination BeyoncĂ©/Jay Z just a few hours ago by dropping a surprise album complete with a big-budget endorsement deal. (They were paid for the albums that were creepily forced onto…   Read Story »
U2 just pulled a BeyoncĂ© plus a Jay Z. As of a few minutes ago, the band's new album Songs Of Innocence was delivered for free to all iTunes customers, just after U2 performed new single "The…   Read Story »
Apple live events always send the rumor mill into a tailspin: of course the tech world is buzzing, and with the iWatch most likely imminent, the fashion industry is also in a tizzy. And it seems more…   Read Story »
Apple is getting ready to roll out the iPhone 6, and rumors are flying that U2 will be involved somehow. The Apple gossip site 9 To 5 Mac received a tip Wednesday suggesting Bono and company would…   Read Story »
The past few months have been peppered with hints at what U2 have up their sleeves: the Super Bowl single "Invisible," a recording from their Bono's beach house, and some conflicting chatter about…   Read Story »
UPDATE: A representative from Interscope says the album title and release date have not been determined yet. ... But it will apparently happen this year. // First U2 were supposed to release a…   Read Story »