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If the house-inflected Canadian pop singer Kiesza seems to have jumped on the post-Disclosure bandwagon a little late, consider that her "Hideaway" video -- in which Kiesza and her posse pull off an…   Read Story »
Early in the year, we saw reports that U2 were teaming up with producer Danger Mouse for a full album, one that was expected in April. They teamed up for the 2013 soundtrack song "Ordinary Love" and…   Read Story »
The British live-music TV show Later With Jools Holland has been airing on BBC Two since 1992, but U2 have somehow never appeared on the show until the most recent episode. On their episode of the…   Read Story »
Bono has worn goofy-looking sunglasses in just about every public appearance since, say, 1991. And if you've felt uncharitable, those sunglasses have been evidence of a truly inflated sense of…   Read Story »
Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney has earned something of a reputation for talking shit on his bands' various peers, from Jack White to Justin Bieber. This time, though, you can understand where he's…   Read Story »
Now that U2 are done foisting Songs Of Innocence onto the world, they're going the more traditional promotional route: TV performances, music videos, even Walking Dead commercials, and now a radio…   Read Story »
As you might have heard, U2 released a new album not that long ago! No? Samsung user? Not to worry! The band is doing some traditional promotion now that the album's in Target, including releasing a…   Read Story »
Let's say, for the sake of argument, that you really liked U2's new album Songs Of Innocence. (I didn't, but maybe you did.) You liked it so much that you want to give U2 money for it, even though…   Read Story »
Although they've already been busy inserting themselves into your iTunes library and making sure that their Grammy prospects look okay, U2 officially release their new album, Songs Of Innocence, in…   Read Story »
The Walking Dead's fifth season premieres this Sunday, and a couple of new teaser trailers use the U2/Lykke Li collab "The Troubles" from last month's Songs Of Innocence. In the past, the zombie show…   Read Story »