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Young British rockers James Hoare (of Veronica Falls) and Jack Cooper (of Mazes) made a record together under the name Ultimate Painting, and they're coming to America to promote it this October.…   Read Story »
The sprightly British indie-pop Veronica Falls released their sophomore album Waiting For Something To Happen a couple of months ago, and now they've made a video for its jangly, spirited title…   Read Story »
Waiting For Something To Happen is the second album of jangling, fuzzed-out, early-'90s-style indie-pop from the London quartet Veronica Falls, and its early singles "Teenage" and "Buried Alive" are…   Read Story »
The fuzzy, sprightly British indie-pop revivalists Veronica Falls have a sophomore album called Waiting For Something To Happen waiting to come out, and first single "Teenage" promised good things.…   Read Story »
We've already heard "Teenage," the blurrily jangling new single from old-school London indie-poppers Veronica Falls. And now here's the video, an out-of-focus affair in which the band's members look…   Read Story »
Last year, London indie-poppers Veronica Falls made a splash with their expertly recorded self-titled jangle-bop debut. They're back with another one, sophomore joint Waiting For Something To Happen,…   Read Story »
Thanks to their solid self-titled debut, dreamy indie rockers Veronica Falls are entitled to a victory lap. That lap, today, comes in the form of a mixtape Veronica Falls bassist Marion Herbain put…   Read Story »
Veronica Falls' long-awaited, self-titled debut flaunts an array of both dark and bright indie rock sounds, a glossy exterior coating something a little more mysterious and spooky. It's impressive.…   Read Story »
Phillippa Bloomfield directs this clip for Veronica Falls' uptempo "Bad Feeling," where the band trots around a forest and gets all metaphorical by stomping on some flowers and throwing logs in…   Read Story »
London's Veronica Falls are boy/girl quartet that are, in some ways, similar to their tour mates Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. Their male and female harmonies are more plaintive and monotone though,…   Read Story »