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It's tough to accurately describe what musical genre Future Islands work in, since they're basically a genre unto themselves, one where dreampop atmospherics and ripped-throat death-metal roars and…   Read Story »
In my Week In Pop column I've twice noted my appreciation for "I Wanna Get Better," the lead single from Fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff's new project Bleachers. Antonoff has concocted an aesthetic that…   Read Story »
If synthpop royalty is a thing that exists, Vince Clarke is it, straight up. Clarke is a founding member of Depeche Mode (before they turned gothy), Yaz, and Erasure, and if you're making a move…   Read Story »
Vince Clarke co-founded Depeche Mode in 1979 or thereabouts, wrote early singles like "Just Can't Get Enough" and "Dreaming Of Me" and "New Life," and then left the band before they took on a…   Read Story »