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A few weeks ago, Ariel Pink teamed up with Jorge Elbrecht, the luxe indie-pop auteur behind projects like Lansing-Dreiden and Violens, to release the weirdly smooth single "Hang On To Life," and we…   Read Story »
Jorge Elbrecht has been making criminally underrated luxuriant yacht-prog for years with Violens and the wonderful Lansing-Dreiden. Now he's teamed with another psych-classicist, Ariel Pink, on a 7"…   Read Story »
One of the more under-the-radar offerings at Record Store Day tomorrow will be a reissue of the Face Of Another, a 1985 EP from Turning Shrines, a side project led by Psychic TV member Fred…   Read Story »
Reunited D.C. twee-core pioneers Black Tambourine will soon release OneTwoThreeFour, their EP of Ramones covers; we recently posted their take on What's Your Game." Another of the songs the band…   Read Story »
New York psych-pop three-piece Violens will drop their sophomore effort True in spring, and we've already heard leadoff track "Unfolding Black Wings." Below, we've got a download of another album…   Read Story »
For Record Store Day, the Pains Of Being Pure At Heart will put out a four-track remix EP called Acid Reflex, from which we've already heard reinterpretations from the likes of Violens. A few of the…   Read Story »
February's Monthly Mix makes up for the grievous error in January's Monthly Mix, namely having omitted Bear In Heaven's "Reflection Of You." No offense (none taken). That song's great! Here it comes…   Read Story »
Evidenced by last year's singles series, shoegazey Brooklyn indie rockers Violens are tightening their approach with leaner song that strip away some of the fuzz of their earlier recordings. Today we…   Read Story »
"Something Falling" is the final track from Brooklyn art rockers Violens' monthly singles series, called, collectively, Embrace. Stream the track, a moody, ambient number, below. Something…   Read Story »
Local art rock crew Violens injects its sensibility into The Pains Of Being Pure Of Heart's "The Body," pushing the already uptempo number further into a darker, dancier direction. Catch the…   Read Story »