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A few years back we heard Summer Camp's cover of the Waitresses' "Christmas Wrapping," and they mashed up modern Christmas standards from Paul McCartney and Mariah Carey last year. Now they've taken…   Read Story »
Wham!'s "Last Christmas" is one of the all-time great cheesed-out holiday songs, but it's got a simple, heart-heavy longing at its core, and so maybe it's not such a shock that the xx would consider…   Read Story »
My Morning Jacket ended their five-night residency at New York's Terminal 5 on Saturday night. In addition to playing their albums and new material, the band also indulged in a few covers, like this…   Read Story »
Take our ink-stained hands and join us at the OldStand, where Jon McMillan goes to remind everyone what an honest-to-goodness music magazine is supposed to look like. It's spring, 1987, and Melody…   Read Story »
So much punctuation we can barely contain ourselves! The year in reunions marches on. AllHeadlineNews reports:Sources say that George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley are going to reform Wham!. The '80s…   Read Story »
'Tis the season to say "'tis the season" too much. 'Tis also the season to reflect on the year that was, eat too much, see family, and get nostalgic with your favorite holiday tunes. But since we're…   Read Story »
You read that right (if you haven't read it already). Well, they're "back" for a one-off Christmas concert in London's Wembley Arena -- and it was Georgie's idea! Fancy that, George being desperate.…   Read Story »
Stereogum listens so you don't have to. For Love Songs (out 9/12), ex-NKOTB Jordan Knight puts has-been spin on Phil Collins ("One More Night"), Wham! ("Careless Whisper"), and Foreigner ("Waiting…   Read Story »
The pop singer and his longtime lover Kenny Goss are now "reassessing their relationship" since news of Michael's recent hit sex scandal (his first since '98!). The best part about George Michael's…   Read Story »
So many great indie rock Christmas mixes from The Cool Kids™ this month. You're probably drowning in Sufjan carols, roasting chestnuts by an Arcade Fire, etc... But if you wanna be nice (Santa…   Read Story »