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When Foxygen announced their new album ...And Star Power, they promised a "gaggle of guest stars" and now they've revealed some of that gaggle. In a tweet today, they said that the Flaming Lips, of…   Read Story »
White Fence, aka Tim Presley, released For The Recently Found Innocent a few months back, his first album not recorded within the confines of his bedroom. His newest song "Nero (Has A Lot To Think…   Read Story »
Over the last few years, White Fence (aka Tim Presley) has released some great music, including Cyclops Reap and the collaboration with Ty Segall, Hair; now he's back with For The Recently Found…   Read Story »
Though it's only been a year since we all jammed out to Cyclops Reap, garage rock mainstays White Fence are back with a new album this summer. For the Recently Found Innocent will be the fifth album…   Read Story »
Jack Name is John Webster John, touring guitarist for White Fence. And though this is a new moniker, John has been dishing out excellent psych-pop for quite a while now. "Pure Terror" is the first…   Read Story »
This past winter, Ghoulie, a dachshund belonging to poster artist William Keihn, broke his back, and the surgery he needed set Keihn back a whole bunch of money. So Burger Records has released the…   Read Story »
This past weekend, the yearly roots-influenced music festival Pickathon took place at the Pendarvis Farm in Happy Valley, Oregon, just outside of Portland. Feist, Divine Fits, Kurt Vile, and Pure…   Read Story »
White Fence is gearing up to release his album Cyclops Reap, from which we've already heard "Pink Gorilla" and "Fragility." Its third sampling is "To The Boy," a psych rock slow jam that really makes…   Read Story »
A little while ago, we posted "Pink Gorilla," the new single from Bay Area psych rocker White Fence, who last year released Hair, the great collaborative album with Ty Segall. "Pink Gorilla" is out…   Read Story »
Last year, Tim Presley of White Fence joined psychedelic forces with Ty Segall for collaborative LP Hair on Drag City. Now White Fence returns with another album, Cyclops Reap, due out April 9 via…   Read Story »