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Kid Cudi recently checked himself into rehab for depression and suicidal urges. He got out earlier this month, appearing onstage with Pharrell, Travis Scott, and, most recently, Kanye West, and… More »


Willow Smith has been sporadically releasing music since her surprise debut Ardipithecus last year. She’s been quiet for a few months since the puzzling Michael Cera-produced one-off “twentyfortyeight 2.0,” but… More »

Kid Cudi has made two promises since he checked into rehab. The first was a promise that the rollout for Passion, Pain, and Demon Slayin’ would go on as planned… More »

Kid Cudi is one of those artists that makes it easy to live their life vicariously through social media. He just joined Instagram in February, but you have access to… More »


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So, uh, yeah, this is a thing. Willow Smith and her brother Jaden have both been expressing their appreciation of Michael Cera on social media over the past few days,… More »

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Alessia Cara calls me back just as soon as she wraps up with Michelle Obama. The 19-year-old Def Jam singer — born Alessia Caracciolo to Italian parents in the Ontario… More »

Here in the future, we now know Andy Warhol was right about everyone getting their 15 minutes of fame, but it comes with some unexpected consequences. Benjamin Franklin taught us… More »


Willow Smith – “F Q-C #8″

Last night, as The FADER reports, the former hair-whipper and current adult-confuser Willow Smith released a surprise album called Ardipithecus. On Instagram, she explains the name: “ARDIPITHECUS RAMIDUS> // the… More »

Leave it to Willow Smith to make skipping class into a catchy as hell summer jam. There are a few artists in every generation who possess the fiery willpower to… More »

Fall Out Boy will release their latest album, American Beauty/American Psycho, next week, and they’ll do so with the kind of saturation most musicians can only dream of. Their stadium… More »


Credit: Willow Smith - "Easy Easy" (King Krule Cover)

Willow Smith has been pretty quiet in the music world since 2011’s “Whip My Hair” took the world by storm, but the 13-year-old has spent the past few years refining… More »

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13-year-old Willow Smith has apparently graduated from whipping her hair back and forth to sampling Radiohead and performing slow-jam duets with ethereal R&B singer SZA. I’m okay with it! On… More »

Credit: Willow Smith Samples Radiohead

Fun fact: Last year, Jaden Smith, the Karate Kid remake star and the son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, released The Cool Cafe, a mixtape where he rapped over… More »


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This week we have new videos from The Living Sisters (directed by Michel Gondry), Pharoahe Monch, Die Antwoord, and, once again, Cloud Nothings. The videos from Guillemots, YELLE, and Willow… More »

Credit: Jimmy Fallon As Neil Young & Bruce Springsteen "Whip My Hair" On Fallon

You’d be surprised. In 2010, the #1 hazard about being a man of a certain age spending too much time working from bed consuming the internet is NOT poor vision,… More »