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MTV produced a short film entitled Myrna The Monster, which was directed by Ian Samuels and will premiere at Sundance Fest, beginning today in Park City, Utah. Kathleen Hanna stars as the voice of…   Read Story »
YACHT's new EP Where Does The Disco? comes out today. We've already heard the title track (and its Jerome LOL remix) plus "Works Like Magic." Now they've shared the final track from the release, an…   Read Story »
The Drums released their latest album, Encyclopedia, back in September, and Tom noted that the single "I Can't Pretend" marked an audible departure from the group's more twee-oriented beginnings. Los…   Read Story »
The electro-pop philosophers YACHT are coming back later this fall with a new EP called Where Does This Disco?, and they've already shared the title track. Given that singer Claire L. Evans writes a…   Read Story »
YACHT are back with a new single on a new label. "Where Does This Disco?" is out now on Downtown, along with a remix by Jerome LOL of DJ Dodger Stadium. Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans issued a…   Read Story »
De Lux's Voyage single "Better At Making Time" was already a genius bit of giddy, bass-driven disco-funk -- think Talking Heads circa Remain In Light as filtered through the slightly sleeker…   Read Story »
While 2011's Shangri-La was primarily marked by frenetic bursts of energy like "Utopia" and "I Walked Alone," YACHT's new single is probably the softest and most laidback song they've released to…   Read Story »
We've already heard songs from Four Tet and Rustie for the upcoming charity/concept album BOATS from Everything Is New and now YACHT is throwing its hat into the ring. All of the songs from the album…   Read Story »
When Kathleen Hanna was last playing around with synthy dance-music sonics in Le Tigre, the whole Tumblr remix-culture thing was still years ago, but god knows that band probably would've loved it.…   Read Story »
Portland electro-pop duo YACHT's new song "Party At The NSA" is a lightweight new-wave jam about the surveillance state, which puts it firmly in the "99 Luftballoons" tradition of lightweight…   Read Story »