Credit: Bec Lorrimer

Yacht drew the internet’s ire following a sex tape hoax publicity stunt that was meant to promote a new video from the band but backfired spectacularly. At the end of… More »


LA experimental pop duo Yacht have promoted their recent album I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler in ways that blur the line between a winking parody of the modern… More »

While recording their 2011 album Shangri-La, electro-pop duo YACHT worked on a cover of Prince’s song “Annie Christian,” but never finished nor released it. After yesterday’s news, YACHT completed the… More »

YACHT – “Christmas Alone”

Today, Amazon is releasing their Indie For The Holidays playlist, a collection that includes original holiday songs and new versions of old classics by artists like Rogue Wave, Anna von… More »


Today, the internet is all a-buzz about the innovation we expected from the future predicted in the Back To The Future movies — where are our hover boards, our self-lacing… More »

YACHT have always loved the gimmicks, and they’re embracing them even more in the rollout for their latest album, I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler. They announced the record… More »

Last month, electro-pop duo YACHT announced their new album I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler through a Los Angeles billboard. Noted for their high-pop concepts, they’re using an array… More »


Back in January, we reported that Kathleen Hanna, the punk-singing legend of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre and the Julie Ruin, was set to play the lead in Myrna, a… More »

Credit: Renee Lusano

High-concept pop duo YACHT are known for extending that adventurous spirit into extracurriculars like an iPhone app and a sunglass line. As Pitchfork reports, their latest exploit is announcing the… More »

Moogfest took this year off as they prepared to move to their new home of Durham, North Carolina after being nudged out of Asheville. But they’re coming back for sure… More »


Credit: Watch Kathleen Hanna Voice An Alien In Short Film Myrna The Monster

MTV produced a short film entitled Myrna The Monster, which was directed by Ian Samuels and will premiere at Sundance Fest, beginning today in Park City, Utah. Kathleen Hanna stars… More »

YACHT – “Terminal Beach”

Credit: YACHT - "Terminal Beach"

YACHT’s new EP Where Does The Disco? comes out today. We’ve already heard the title track (and its Jerome LOL remix) plus “Works Like Magic.” Now they’ve shared the final… More »

Credit: The Drums - "I Can't Pretend (YACHT Remix)"

The Drums released their latest album, Encyclopedia, back in September, and Tom noted that the single “I Can’t Pretend” marked an audible departure from the group’s more twee-oriented beginnings. Los… More »


YACHT – “Works Like Magic”

Credit: YACHT

The electro-pop philosophers YACHT are coming back later this fall with a new EP called Where Does This Disco?, and they’ve already shared the title track. Given that singer Claire… More »

YACHT are back with a new single on a new label. “Where Does This Disco?” is out now on Downtown, along with a remix by Jerome LOL of DJ Dodger… More »