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Someone on Twitter (and I wish I could remember who) pointed out a fascinating factoid recently: Every time Gucci Mane goes away to prison -- something that happens way too often -- one of his 1017…   Read Story »
One of rap's big stories in 2014 has been flamboyant eccentric Young Thug and his rise to the top of the Atlanta rap heap. Thug has made a couple of moment-defining hits in "Danny Glover" and…   Read Story »
The coolest thing about the four-headed Nirvana proxy that performed at last night's Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony was the demographic disparity of the women involved. No, in every real…   Read Story »
The UK producer Evian Christ contributed to Kanye West's Yeezus last year, and he's also working on Kanye's mysterious next album. Another guy who might be working with Kanye on the new album is…   Read Story »
This week's Mixtape Of The Week is Bullet, the impressive debut from the booming, unhinged Jamaican-born rapper Zuse, and one of its standout tracks is "Mayday," a team-up with the game-changing…   Read Story »
The wildly kinetic hyena yapper Young Thug (the voice out front of the magnetic radio hit "Stoner") and the off-kilter yet pop-savvy producer Metro Boomin (the beatmaker behind Future's lurching…   Read Story »
The Atlanta rapper Young Scooter, who released his Street Lottery 2 mixtape earlier this year, specializes in a moody, foggy, melodic take on street-rap. And on his new track "Disfunction," he brings…   Read Story »
Last month, the energetic Atlanta rap weirdos Young Thug and Bloody Jay got together to release Black Portland, almost certainly the best mixtape anyone has yet given us in 2014. So it's awesome to…   Read Story »
The yelping Atlanta rap eccentric Young Thug recently hit the point where I'll post just about anything he does. Black Portland, the Thug's collaborative mixtape with Bloody Jay, is my favorite tape…   Read Story »
Young Thug's unhinged "Danny Glover," which recently made an appearance on the great Black Portland mixtape, is the biggest underground rap hit of 2014 thus far. And now A$AP Ferg, a man who's made a…   Read Story »