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Atlanta rap freakazoid Young Thug continues to move ever forward, and now he's pulled the reliable move of getting an established star and a barely-known up-and-comer together for a remix. In this…   Read Story »
Because July 4th fell on a Friday, we didn't run 5 Best Songs last week. But man, last week gave us a lot of good songs. So this week's 5 Best is broken up into two halves: first, the 5 Best Songs…   Read Story »
Together with Bloody Jay, the Atlanta rap eccentric Young Thug already released Black Portland, 2014's best mixtape. And now he's returned with 1017 Thug 2, the sequel to last year's 1017 Thug…   Read Story »
Atlanta screeching-cat rap space cadet Young Thug is one of the most exciting things happening in rap right now, and his Bloody Jay collab Black Portland is easily my favorite mixtape of 2014 thus…   Read Story »
The magnetic Atlanta rap weirdo Young Thug has a bunch of projects in the works, and one of them is Nerds, a full-length team-up with C4, the producer who put together his bizarre and disorienting…   Read Story »
A couple of months ago, Atlanta rap visionary Young Thug joined forces with the great Atlanta rap producer Metro Boomin to form a duo called Metro Thuggin and to record "The Blanguage," a thoroughly…   Read Story »
Rap's underground is in a fascinating place right now; all these weird-as-fuck voices from vastly different backgrounds, in the right situation, can come together and make really good music together.…   Read Story »
Atlanta rap trailblazer Gucci Mane is in prison now for firearm possession, and he'll be locked up until 2016. This will not keep him from releasing new music. Gucci is famous for recording at a…   Read Story »
The restless young minds of Atlanta's rap underground continue to leave the entire universe in the dust, and just about all of them make songs so quickly that it's hard to process all the music…   Read Story »
T.I.'s new video for his new Young Thug collab "About The Money" is a classic example of a director -- Kennedy Rothchild, in this case -- doing too much. It's a busy video: Haphazard switching…   Read Story »