Watch South Park‘s Matt Stone Jam With Monsters Of Prog From Tool, Rush, & The Police

By James Rettig / February 17, 2015
Over the past few years, the Police drummer Stewart Copeland has arranged jam sessions in his studio featuring a ton of big names in rock, and he's taken to putting the result of these sessions on Youtube for all to see. His latest jam session was attended by the typical array of stars: South ParkMore »

Denai Moore – “Blame” Video

By Caitlin White / February 17, 2015
Denai Moore writes spare, earnest songs about loss that belie her young age, and "Blame" -- which we premiered a few weeks back -- is one of her best so far. Moore is just a few months out from releasing her debut album Elsewhere, and today she's unveiled wintry, dramatic video that accompanies "Blame."… More »

Buscabulla – “Métele” Video

By Collin Robinson / February 17, 2015
Puerto Rican pop duo Buscabulla released their self-titled four-track EP last fall. Today, they drop the visuals for the Dev Hynes-produced track "Métele." The song's minimal yet decadent sounds comprise lush drums, '80s synths, and dreamy vocals, which here serve as the soundtrack to three drag queens preparing for a show in Puerto Rico. The… More »

Watch Dev Hynes Score Eckhaus Latta’s Fall 2015 Runway Show

By Gabriela Tully Claymore / February 17, 2015
It's New York Fashion Week, which means that Midtown Manhattan is crowded with enviably attractive people in very nice, very expensive clothing, working hard to make everyone else look like they just climbed out of a garbage can. It is the worst kind of hell, but some good things come of it. One of those… More »

Palma Violets – “Danger In The Club” Video

By Collin Robinson / February 17, 2015
English indie rockers Palma Violets ended a year-long silence yesterday, dropping the title track off their upcoming sophomore album, Danger In The Club. Less than 24 hours later, they offer a matching set of visuals. The Roger Sargent-directed clip is a crisp single shot, smoothly maneuvering through the Pineapple pub in Palma Violets' native… More »

Yung – “Nobody Cares” Video

By Caitlin White / February 17, 2015
When I see the word Yung, I usually assume it has something to do with rap slang, but that is definitely not the case for the Danish quartet who chose it as their name. They only have one song out, but "Nobody Cares," from their upcoming release Alter, is memorable and savage enough that… More »

Watch Lou Reed Call The Beatles “Garbage” And The Doors “Stupid” In Newly Animated Interview

By Tom Breihan / February 17, 2015
Lou Reed was both an avant-rock forefather and a legendary crank, and I sincerely recommend that you spend some time with this Lester Bangs piece about a contentious Reed interview. PBS recently animated an interview that Joe Smith conducted with Reed in 1987, and it has a lot of interesting stuff about what Reed… More »

Kossisko – “This May Be Me” Video

By Tom Breihan / February 17, 2015
The Bay Area rapper 100s released two great mixtapes of nasty, hard-as-fuck pimp-rap, 2012's Ice Cold Perm and last year's IVRY. Apparently, though, there was a new-wave singer hiding under that luxurious hair, just waiting to get out. 100s has now changed both his name and his sound. He's going by Kossisko now,… More »

S. Carey – “Neverending Fountain” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

By Chris DeVille / February 17, 2015
S. Carey's Supermoon EP is out today, and to commemorate the occasion he's released a video for the alternate version of "Neverending Fountain." Carey's music is often compared to the pastoral beauty of Middle America's undeveloped areas, and director Davin Haukebo-Bol has paired the song with gorgeous images of Alaska that capture that same essence. More »

The Juliana Hatfield Three – “If Only We Were Dogs” Video

By Collin Robinson / February 17, 2015
Alt-pop outfit the Juliana Hatfield Three reunited last month following a hiatus of 20+ years, and have already released a bunch of new music off their long-awaited sophomore album, Whatever, My Love. In tandem with the release of the album today, the latest addition comes in the form of a video for the… More »

Watch Weird Al “Cover” Woody Guthrie On The Late Late Show

By Chris DeVille / February 17, 2015
Thomas Lennon is the latest guest-host on The Late Late Show until James Corden takes over for Craig Ferguson next month, and he made the most of his brief stint by backing up "Weird Al" Yankovic on an extremely peculiar Woody Guthrie cover. The setup: Now that Yankovic is out of his 32-year record contract,… More »

Lil Wayne And His Daughter Revived MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 Last Night

By Tom Breihan / February 17, 2015
MTV stopped running new episodes of the endlessly hatewatchable reality series My Super Sweet 16 in 2008, but when Lil Wayne's daughter wants to throw one of the show's endlessly lavish birthday bashes, MTV is willing to resurrect it. The show was famous for the sight of spoiled rich kids melting down crying because their… More »

Matthew E. White – “Rock & Roll Is Cold” Video

By Chris DeVille / February 17, 2015
Director Kevin Bennett gives Matthew E. White's "Rock & Roll Is Cold" an extremely literal treatment, filming White wandering a snowy landscape while the Fresh Blood single unfurls. The upbeat, orchestrated soul-pop reminds me of a softer, happier "Sympathy For The Devil," but White's message is blunt and merciless. Watch below. More »

Pompeii – “Blueprint” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

By Gabriela Tully Claymore / February 17, 2015
Austin's Pompeii released their third record, LOOM, last year, which marked the tenth anniversary since the band's formation in 2004. The video for "Blueprint" perfectly mimics the sense of reckless abandon that Pompeii conveys through their music -- songs tend to initiate as delicate and ambient before descending into tumultuous post-punk. Norwegian film director Thor… More »

Watch Aloe Blacc And Blackstreet Join Forces As Aloe Blaccstreet On Kimmel

By Tom Breihan / February 17, 2015
In Jimmy Kimmel Live's "Mash-Up Mondays" series, the show has been pairing younger performers with bands of an older vintage in pun-happy combinations. We've already seen Weezer with ZZ Top and Morris Day & The Time with HAIM. And on last night's show, pop-soul singer Aloe Blacc teamed up with '90s R&B king… More »

Watch Beyoncé Cover Stevie Wonder With Gary Clark Jr. & Ed Sheeran

By Tom Breihan / February 17, 2015
Oh, what, you thought the Grammys were over? Well, they are. But the Grammy producers couldn't resist throwing some more musical prestige up on network TV. And so last night, CBS aired a big tribute show to Stevie Wonder, who is, at the very least, someone extremely deserving of a big tribute show. And Beyoncé… More »

The Cribs – “Burning For No One” Video

By James Rettig / February 16, 2015
The Cribs get shipwrecked in their new video for "Burning For No One," the second single from their forthcoming album, For All My Sisters. The video, which was directed by Nick Scott and Andrew Knowles, follows the UK brothers after they get abandoned on an island and have to fend for themselves. They avoid any… More »

Future – “Gangland” Video

By Caitlin White / February 16, 2015
Atlanta autotune soothsayer Future is currently promoting two back-to-back mixtapes, the aggressive, hedonistic Monster and the Zaytoven-produced Beast Mode. One of them is possibly a tribute to Marshawn Lynch and earned our Mixtape Of The Week distinction. One of them did not. Sadly for us, Future has released a new video for "Gangland,"… More »

Brodinski – “Us” (Feat. Bloody Jay) Video

By Tom Breihan / February 16, 2015
On his new album Brava, the French dance producer and Yeezus contributor Brodinski teams up with a series of largely unheralded American street-rappers to make some absolute bangers. We've already posted his Young Scooter collab "François-Xavier" and the video for his SD team-up "Can't Help Myself." On the new single "Us," he joi… More »

Hiko Momoji – “Late Nights” (Feat. Father & Abra) Video

By Caitlin White / February 16, 2015
Since Hiko Momoji's cute and chirpy "Late Nights" is already an ode to Netflix-and-wine romance, the New York-via-London producer released a video for the track on Valentine's Day. In case you were too busy on a date to catch the cuddly clip when it dropped this weekend, it's a peek into the hang out… More »

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