New Hercules & Love Affair – “Blind (Serge Santiago Remix)”

For many who love Hercules & Love Affair, “Blind” was the intro track, probably because “Blind” was the album’s first single and video. But the post-Arthur Russell disco cut holds an even more primary position in H&LA lore: it’s the first demo Andy Butler walked into DFA’s offices, and thusly is the first reason there’s even a Hercules & Love Affair full length to obsess over. So fellow Butler lovers, you can now say your love is “Blind” — and since I have you more deeply into the song and lame wordplay than you were a few minutes ago, you are well prepped to go even deeper into the “Blind” with this epic, icy, and spare eleven minute remix by Serge Santiago.

Serge keeps the focus on Antony’s vox for the first half, which let’s face it is an entirely reasonable proposition, piling up percussion under various synth patches, until it starts taking off at the six minute marker. Ready for the floor:

That’s coming from the “Blind” 12″, which also features an eight-minute Frankie Knuckles mix that goes like this:

The “Blind” single and all its remixes are available on iTunes. Hercules & Love Affair is out via DFA/EMI. Since you already have it and love it you probably don’t even need this…

Hercules & Love Affair – “Hercules’ Theme” (MP3)

…so instead you should absolutely take a half-hour break and watch Andy Butler talk about every track on the album: