Quiet Village’s Silent Movie Should Be A Part Of Everyone’s Memorial Day Weekend

We are really enjoying Quiet Village’s Silent Movie. Yeah, it’s a retro cut-and-paste pastiche, a la Avalanches, that’s unapologetically mawkish and Air-y, but it’s not as kitschy. And, though there are barely enough left-field breaks and vocal interludes amid all the saccharine strings to keep it from sounding like a Hotel Costes comp or something, it’s so so exquisite. We see why folks might dismiss it as chill-out muzak (it would be fine for a hipster cocktail party), but it’s nice to have a mix like this every couple of years. (It just replaced that Kruder & Dorfmeister mix, which was a default for the last … uh, decade.) If you’d like Quiet Village to soundtrack at least part of your Memorial Day weekend, we have Silent Movie’s “Circus Of Horror,” along with various other Quiet Village goodies.

Quiet Village – “Circus Of Horror” (MP3)

P4K referred to “Circus Of Horror” (perhaps the best track) as “blatant Tarantino bait that sounds like Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys after developing some kind of Italian soundtrack fetish,” which sounds about right. But! Tarantino has impeccable taste! Other standouts on the album: the Police-y “Pillow Talk” and “Pacific Rhythm” which sounds like Shuggie Otis on ludes. You can stream five more tracks, including the aforementioned “Pillow Talk” and “Pacific Rhythm,” over at the Quiet Village site. On top of this, the Quiet Village guys put together a 60-minute “Quiet Village Radio Mix” that you can listen to over here. This is what’s on it:

01 Quiet Village – “Victoria’s Secret” (!K7)
02 Rhythm & Sound – “Jah Version” (Burial Mix)
03 Jackie Mittoo – “After Xmas” (Soul Jazz)
04 Warp 69 – “Natural High” (Global Communication remix) (Dedicated)
05 Led Zeppelin – “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” (Atlantic)
06 Stelvio Cipriani – “Main Theme From Blindman” (Digitmovies)
07 Quiet Village – “Gold Rush” (!K7)
08 Sergio Mendes – “Crystal Illusions” (A&M)
09 Celestine Okwu – “Okwukwe Na Nchekwube” (Soundway)
10 US69 – “On My Way” (Buddah)

Cocktails are served.

Silent Movie is out via !K7. See this happen “live”:

05/30 – Washington, DC @ 18th Street Lounge
05/31 – Montreal, QB @ Mutek – Metropolis
06/02 – New York, NY @ CIELO
06/04 – Seattle, WA @ Nectar
06/05 – San Diego, CA @ Universal Hillcrest
06/08 – Los Angeles, CA @ Elevate