Lily Allen Addresses Those Topless Photos, Digs ScarJo, Vampire Weekend, Bon Iver

Lil went blonde. Then she went topless. Over at her blog, she has an entry that talks about those NSFW photos as well as her current listening habits. This is what’s on her iPod:

listening to Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Scarlett Johanssen doing Tom Waits, MGMT, Vampire Weekend, Liquid Liquid and The Fall oh and Bon Iver . all amazing records please go and buy them all

What’s more controversial — topless pics or enjoying Anywhere I Lay My Head? We kid. Oh, we do. Beyond giving us an update about the “yummy French food” and swimming from her two-week holiday and letting us know that “apart from that my life is boring, just working hard,” she talks about “putting the final touches to this mixtape” and addresses the pics taken while she was working hard.

Via Lily’s Blog:

ps. I don’t really like to respond to things I read about my self in the press but, for the record I was not thrown off anybodys yacht in Cannes, occasionally I drink wine with lunch and yes i swim topless, this in my book is not embarrasing behaviour I’m 23 years old it’s not my fault if photographers follow me everywhere and need a story to print with their pointless pictures. I wish digital cameras hadn’t been invented , if these photographers had to pay for film it wouldn’t wouldn’t be worth their time, there is nothing proffesional about them , most of them look like they wouldn’t be out of place at a BNP meeting. On the other hand digital pictures are easier to retouch, so i shouln’t complain.
I went for lunch with my ex boyfriend yesterday, lunch. I am not some failed baby making machine desperately to trying to win my man back. Sometimes I think these journalists are still living in the 50’s. No one knows anything about my relationships. Ed and I are friends , who went for lunch yesterday , thats it .
It’s all so sexist, i wonder how many of these male journos, had bought themselves a house by the time they were 23. I work very hard at what i do, yes I like a drink and yes I have my bad days, but that doesn’t mean I’m out of control. I’m perfectly capable of looking after my self thank you very

Much. Things is — and we love Lily — while we were looking for some new photos, we stumbled upon an even more NSFW pic. New blog post to come?

[Photo via Spread It]