New Ratatat – “Mirando”

We gave you a taste of LP3, Ratatat’s forthcoming, descriptively titled third album in the form of the plaintive “Shiller,” a purring down-tempo bit that glides seamlessly into prog wonderland and back. Now we have a second helping. This one’s a clicking, more toe-tapping “Mirando,” which arrives in both image-free (i.e. MP3) and video (i.e. video) form. The video joins-in on the current trend of editing together found footage, here linking a number of reverse explosions, lasers, army dudes blowing through the air, shrapnel, and night vision.

Here’s the non-violent version to take when you go sec walkin’:

Ratatat – “Mirando” (MP3)

LP3 is out 7/8 on XL.

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